March Issue 1 2011

Elgon  Kenya  Ltd    continues to grow and expand

Elgon Kenya Ltd has officially launched a new approach to irrigation technology for small and large scale farming in East Africa. The event took place at the Laico Regency on Wednesday 2nd March 2011.

The Israel Ambassador to Kenya H.E. Jacob Keidar, who attended the event asked Kenyans to embrace new technologies for example in irrigation to counter the problems Kenya is facing. He said the Israel is a dry country and that is why the drip irrigation technology was introduced adding that rain is not reliable anymore hence Kenyan should not only look at food security only but also other important areas.  He commended Elgon for their great success and partnership commercially.

Kenya Flower Council (KFC) Chief Executive, Mrs. Jane Ngige applauded Elgon for their efforts to provide quality products responding to the floriculture industry challenges by providing solutions. She said the new irrigation Technology will help to counter water shortages and encouraged them to invest more in new modern technologies in Agriculture sector. Elgon Kenya is an associate member of KFC and sponsors the Friday Notice Board by advertising.

Mr. Bimal Kantaria addressing the participants during the launch

According to Mr. Bimal Kantaria, Elgon Kenya Director, the technology is developed by Israel-based NaanDanJain Limited, the leading global provider of customized irrigation solutions operating in more than 100 countries worldwide. These include Spain, France, Italy, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Chile and Peru, while it has irrigation sites in Israel, Spain, Australia, Brazil, Chile, U.S.A, India and Turkey.

Establishment in 1956 Elgon Kenya Limited is a leading Agrochemical and Packaging Manufacturing Company. They are ISO 9000:2001 and BRC Certified.  In 2009 they were awarded highest Excise Tax payer in Kenya by Kenya Revenue Authority. It is reputable supplier of agricultural inputs (chemicals, fertilizers, seeds, packaging materials like flower sleeves, polythene sheeting, jerry cans, corrugated boxes and labels), and is ISO certified and has a significant stand in construction, hardware and prefabricated wooden houses.

They have employed over 800 staff and are an ever growing one- stop shop for small scale, horticulture, plantation crops and floriculture industry in East Africa.   In addition, they can supply upto 90% of farm requirements of Agri-inputs and packaging sides.

This has come at a time when Kenya is facing challenges brought on the agricultural sector by climate change and shortage of water.  Mr. Bimal said as Kenya embarks on the road to attaining Vision 2030, agriculture, the mainstay of the country’s economy, responsible for 51 per cent of productivity must be developed in line with the Vision.

Even under the new Agriculture Sector Development Strategy 2010-2020 launched by President Mwai Kibaki and being implemented by a cross-section of ministries dealing with the various agricultural sub-sectors irrigation has been cited as the most important activities that will be promoted to realize the set goals. It is with this in mind that Elgon Kenya is introducing the new division that will align its business with the targets of the government and private sector approach to handle agriculture as a business as we move away from the traditional subsistence approach.

“By introducing NaanDanJain Irrigation technology to the region, Elgon Kenya seeks to bring Israel’s world recognized best agricultural technologies,” said Bimal Kantaria. NaanDanJain Irrigation has more than 70 years in developing tailor-made irrigation technologies that have seen Israel, a tiny country with no water of its own, grow into the world’s agricultural technology showcase, and a leading exporter of agricultural produce, and technology.

“Irrigated farming is going to play a vital role in developing agribusiness” said Mr Kantaria. In the most agriculturally developed countries, science and technology is behind the success, and Kenya, being quite advanced, only needs to take its agriculture to the next level by incorporating the latest developments, said Mr. Moshe Oren, the regional sales manager of NaanDanJain Irrigation. “Kenya is already advanced in greenhouse farming, and only needs to make the practice a culture at all levels, for both local and export produce, which we seek to support”, he added.

“NaanDanJain designs high quality solutions that deliver increased productivity per unit of resources. Our expertise drives higher crop yields, minimizes risks, and saves precious non-renewable resources. Our goal is to give the best solution for marginal as well as large scale farmers for irrigation”, he said.  He added that adding the technologies are suited to adaptation of advanced irrigation solutions to all crops, climates, soil types and water sources.

Elgon Kenya Ltd is about to launch complete green house kits for small farmers “Farmers Kit” which includes chemicals and fertilizers, seeds and other equipment.

KFC donate flowers during the blood donation exercise

Kenya Flower Council as away of promoting the local consumption of flowers partnered with Bloodlink Foundation during a blood donation exercise in Nairobi during the Valentine’s Week by donating flowers.  The flowers were used as donor incentives for those who donate blood.

We had scheduled drives in Kimathi University on the 14th & the 15th, where we managed to collect 120 units of blood.  Lynda Wayua, Programs Coordinator, Bloodlink Foundation, thanked KFC for the continued support.

KFC thank Magana Flowers and Isinya Ltd for providing the flowers to support the course.

KRA extends the deadline for filing the annual PAYE returns

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) vide the attached Public Notice under Section 57 of the Income Tax Act (ITA) has extended the deadline for filing the annual PAYE returns to 31 March 2011. This is however applicable to employers who have not filed their monthly PAYE returns online or quarterly PAYE returns for all quarters of the year 2010.

Employers are required to file the following documents:

  • Form P10 – PAYE Employers certificate
  • Form P10A – PAYE support certificate for P10
  • Form P9A – Employee tax deduction cards
  • Form P10B – Fringe benefit tax cards.
  • Form P11 – PAYE tax pay-in slips

Employers are encouraged to take up the online employers PAYE filing service with the automation process of KRA.


African Expo and Fair is scheduled to take place from 17th to 20th March 2011 at Hungexpo Budapest Fair Centre.  The Kenya mission in Vienna –Austria   will represent the country in the trade fair and through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs they are kindly requesting for promotional, information and related materials.

We are requesting you to drop the promotional materials to Ministry of Foreign Affairs offices by the morning of Monday 7th March 2011 so as to be placed in the diplomatic bag. Kenya Flower Council has provided industry promotional materials for the show.

Finance for Non-Finance Managers course – 14th – 17th March 2011

This is a 4 day financial training course, an introduction to the financial markets for those with responsibility outside the financial function. This course will discuss high profile case studies such as Google’s IPO. The course is scheduled to start from 14-17 Mar 2011at Nairobi and will cost £2,500.

This programme is suitable for all managers and professionals who are not part of the finance function within a company or are not directly involved in financial matters on a day to day basis. No prior knowledge is assumed and there will be ample opportunity to delve into matters of particular interest to participants

  • Testimonials

Mastering Financial Negotiations – Lagos

5-7 Sep 2011 (Lagos, Nigeria)

By attending this highly interactive three-day course you will Gain an insight into the key psychological principles involved in achieving win/win negotiations and Discover a simple yet powerful seven-step method for planning a negotiation

Business Continuity Management & Planning – Lagos

30 May 2011 – 2 Jun 2011 (Lagos, Nigeria)

The purpose of this 4-day course is to assist participants in understanding the substance and role of Business Continuity Management and Business Continuity Planning within a financial institution’s risk management.

Investment Banking Workshop – Accra

25-28 Jul 2011 (Accra, Ghana)

A four day intensive Investment Banking Workshop.

Business School – Lagos

27 Jun 2011 – 1 Jul 2011 (Lagos, Nigeria)

The Business School is a 5-day course intended to explore key issues of corporate financing, asset valuation, capital markets techniques and asset management. Delegates will examine these issues in “workshop” environment, analysing finance from both the corporate and markets perspectives. Extensive use of actual transactions, exercises and a Master Case study will serve to reinforce the concepts introduced.

Best Practice Management of Banks – Johannesburg

23-26 May 2011 (Johannesburg, South Africa)

A unique 4-day financial training course designed specifically for Retail, SME, Commercial and Corporate banks, plus Universal banks that offer a wide range of other financial services

For more enquiries write to Stephen Scotts on


Mr. Karago Mbiru like to grow tuber roses under the sun [no green house] in Ridgeways, Nairobi. They have grown this some years back and used to produce very healthy, long lasting stems.  They rotated the crop and want to go back to it. In this regard, they are looking for:-

1. Good seed to plant

2. Someone who’ll buy from us at a competitive price once they’re ready.  We’d rather sell to the exporter than export ourselves.

Contact Karago D. Mbiru on +254(0)722 371 809

AIPH/FCI Grower of the year 2011 contest

International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) is organizing the International Grower of the Year contest 2011. The AIPH members will send nominees from their national competitions. The contests in 2009 and 2010 were very successful and have shown the high quality of the nominated companies.

Criteria for nomination

  • Economic performance
  • Level of innovation
  • Market orientation
  • Environmental standards
  • Human- resource policy

Regional Council Kenya is About to Take-Off

By Flora Holland

The Kenyan members of FloraHolland have received an official letter from the Board of FloraHolland informing them on the background and the proceeding steps towards the formation of a regional council in Kenya. The regional councils’ role is to update the board on the developments in the region and to discuss cooperative strategy issues. They act like sounding boards and advisory bodies.

There are now 15 active regional councils in the Netherlands, in Belgium, and in Israel. In total there are some 100 active councils-members. The decision to form a council in Kenya came after Kenyan members expressed their interest in getting more involvement in the cooperative policy-making process.

The Chairman and Council members will be approached and recruited by FloraHolland during the start up period. Members will be approached on the basis of a number of criteria: personal qualities, network, product and area. Although members take their seats in a personal rather than a representative capacity, the Board still considers it vital that a Council reflects correctly the members’ regional community (in this case Kenya): by product, company type/size and district. A Regional Council has preferably seven participants, sitting no more than three terms of three years. After the initial period of three years, Council members can be re-elected by FloraHolland members from the region (in this case Kenya). Members stand down permanently after nine years.

The formation process of the Kenyan Regional Council will start this spring with a series of meetings in order to carefully and accurately recruit the best team.

No more flowers in the Dubai Flower Centre

By Flowerfocus

There will be no more flowers in the Dubai Flower Centre (DFC) located next to the international airport of Dubai. The cool facilities in the centre will be instead used for the storage of other perishable goods. The DFC officially opened in 2006 and was meant to be a hub for the international flower business but these expectations were never realized.

Higher prices at the end of the week

Traders about flowers market at FloraHolland

Week 8 (21 – 25 Feb)

Flower prices are getting higher towards the Women’s Day, especially Thursday and Friday. This is the case for most flowers, like African import roses, Dutch roses and chrysanthemum. Grand Prix length 8 could be bought for 50 euro cents per stem on Monday, while the price was 80 cents at Friday. The price of the red Burgundy increased over the same period from 30 to 60 cents and the 60 cm import coloured import roses from 15 – 16 cents to 24 – 25 cents per stem. Spray chrysanthemum for the Russian market are sold for 60 cents/stem, while the non Russian sorts can be bought for 30 to 40 cents/stem.

Week 9 (28 Feb – 4 March)

For week 9, exporters expect for the whole week high prices because of Women’s Day. Predictions vary whether prices are higher than this week or remain the sam

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