April Issue 2 2011

AIPH Spring meeting 2011 a success

The International Organization of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) spring meeting 2011 was held from 3rd to 6th April 2011 in Nairobi Kenya. The meeting attracted delegates from countries such as Netherlands, Japan, Hungary, Spain, China, Thailand, Canada, Korea, Turkey, Belgium, Tanzania and Kenya.

AIPH is a co-ordinating body representing horticultural producers’ organizations all over the world, hosting platforms for exchanging knowledge in the fields of breeders’ rights, environmental stewardship, recognition of international horticultural exhibitions and statistics, which all dovetail into the mandate of KFC; pursuance of economic, social and political interests of the floriculture industry through active participation in the determination and implementation of policies promoting sustainable development of the sector.

AIPH represents member countries in discussions with the international bodies like the International Bureau on Exhibitions (BIE), Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) and the international organization for the protection of breeders’ rights (UPOV).   The Kenya Flower Council has been a member of AIPH since 2008.

The forum addressed horticulture industry sustainability with a focus on access to quality planting material; a prerequisite to enhanced productivity which is a key determinant of competitiveness.

The KFC Chairman Hon. Dr. Erastus Mureithi welcomed the international AIPH participants saying it was a privilege for Kenya to host the meeting for the first time in Africa. He recognized Government investment to promote the flower industry abroad, one of the most noteworthy milestones for the industry adding that the Ministry of Agriculture has continually supported the industry together with other government organizations like KARI, KEPHIS, HCDA among others.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through its economic diplomacy portfolio, is now insistently engaged in facilitating promotions in Europe, Eastern Europe, Japan, Asia and the USA which have been very successful.

Assistant Minister for Agriculture, Hon. Gideon Ndambuki officially opened the event saying in order to sustain the rapid growth of the horticulture industry, regular review of legal, regulatory and institutional frameworks is necessary so as to take advantage of the frequently changing requirements in the export market. He added that market demands on particular quality specifications, arising out of increased consumer awareness, playa role in determining quality for producers targeting the markets.

Hon. Ndambuki commended AIPH and KFC for their continued support and dedication in promoting the horticulture industry both locally, regionally and internationally. He also urged the participants to take advantage of the event’s exchanged idea and contacts.

He added that the Agriculture is the backbone of Kenyans’ economy and the sector contribute through generation of income, creation of employment opportunities and foreign exchange earnings in addition to providing raw materials to the agro processing industries.  He said Kenya has established linkages with European markets and untapped potential for non- traditional markets giving investors ready and stable markets for their produce and also a vibrant private sector that ensures efficient management of the industry.

As a signatory of the International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants (UPOV) convention, Kenya recognizes breeder’ rights, thus giving the country better access to new varieties of crops.

According to the President of AIPH Mr. Faber Doeke, success breeds success and AIPH and the activities it undertakes in the various Standing Committees can support the African countries in realizing their ambitions. This includes Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Zambia, Tanzania and Zimbabwe which are already established players on the world market. In regard to issues and topics member organizations struggle with, Mr. Faber said AIPH will bring more negotiating power to the table or alternatively more expertise at their disposal to make a difference. He thanked KFC for hosting the event.

KFC organized professional visits for the participants. They visited the KEPHIS laboratories where Dr. Joseph Ahenda highlighted the role Kephis play for the Flower industry.  They also went to Kordes Roses East Africa, a breeding company under the management of Mr. Bas Smit.

On 6th April they visited Bilashaka Flowers where the were taken through the flower production process by the Director Mr. Joost Zuurbier. Later they visited Florema Limited who deals with Begonia cuttings and Mr. peter Maina took them through the process.

Dutch Flower Group and Mavuno, Connected!

The Mavuno Group of Companies and the Dutch Flower Group have entered into a Strategic Alliance which will enable them to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the evolution of the international business. With effect from 1st may 2011, the Dutch Flower Group will assume responsibility for Bloom Fast Track flowers, Airflo and the Business of World Flowers. This brings benefits to their Network as well as The Dutch Flower Group. It will also greatly enhance value for their customers and associates.

The Mavuno Network’s Kenyan owned production operation, Oserian, is one of the keys to this strategic alliance. Oserian, a member of Kenya Flower Council, is amongst the most eminently sustainable farms in the world with its own wholly owned geothermal energy source, which is unique globally. Oserian is particularly well known for its Fairtrade programmes as well as environmental and Corporate Social Responsibility focus representing models of excellence within the flower industry and agricultural sector.

Mavuno Network will enhance its focus on production, new product development and joint marketing with Dutch Flower Group. Through this synergy, Dutch Flower Group (DFG) will be able to substantially strengthen the position of its procurement base in Africa, and more specifically in Kenya with Mavuno Network’s Associated Growers.

The consolidation of the Mavuno Network and Dutch Flower Group volumes will create higher efficiencies through economies of scale. These in turn will lead to sustainable business throughout Dutch Flower Group and Mavuno Network value chain.

Bloom will be located in the modern temperature controlled Dutch Flower Group facilities in Aalsmeer and will focus on “packed-at-source”.
Fast Track Flowers will expand its localized focus and aim for sourcing and marketing of “UK Grown Product”.
Airflo will enable The Dutch Flower Group to attain a higher level of control in logistics, being managed as an independent freight forwarder.
The business of World Flowers will be redirected to the specialized Dutch Flower Group retail-companies.

Dutch Flower Group is a global group of companies. Together they have a leading position in the import, export, trade and market development of cut flowers and plants. Their 1,500 employees are responsible for a turnover of € 785 million in 2010 and export to more than 60 markets worldwide. The strategic alliance will enable Dutch Flower Group to grow to a turnover of € 950 million in 2011.

The Mavuno Network is a group of companies, stretching back more than 30 years in producing, sourcing, supplying and trading in fresh cut flowers. Mavuno Network provides an integrated supply chain from grower source to all market segments and customers, worldwide. The Mavuno Network has 7 companies, employing over 6,000 staff working or trading in 60 markets worldwide.

Travellers to produce Yellow Fever Certificate before entering Tanzania

We wish to draw your attention to a new requirement that all international travellers to Tanzania will be required to show proof of yellow fever vaccination at the entry point.   The High Commission of the Republic of Tanzania has informed the ministry of Foreign Affairs that the certificate is a necessity to all international travellers before gaining any entry to the country.

Emirates launches paperless freighter flight

Emirates SkyCargo, the freight division of Emirates airline, has inaugurated 100 per cent paperless freighter flight between Nairobi and Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The Boeing 747 freighter carried 103,884 tonnes of cut flowers to Amsterdam, the main market for Kenyan flowers.
Other freight carriers may mention a ‘paperless’ flight, but few conduct the flight 100 per cent electronically.

“We totally support this initiative and firmly believe e-freight will become the industry standard. Those who embrace the changes first will be best placed to reap those benefits, which include improved reliability, increased accuracy and, of course, bring environmental benefits,” Ram Menen, Emirates divisional senior vice-president cargo, said.

So far, 51 of the 111 cities Emirates SkyCargo serves are e-freight compliant.

IATA is pushing the replacement of all paper air waybills, as well as every other document and certificate, with electronic versions by the end of 2014.

Source: Aircargo news


Medical Insurance and any other kind of medical arrangements in Kenya today is extremely expensive, difficult to procure and often unsustainable financially and operationally. Even when an organization can afford insurance for staff extending it to an unknown number of children and dependants is impossible, yet employees are badly affected when dependants are ill which impacts their productivity.

According to Mr. Zack Rombo the Executive Director, the Changamka Medical Smart Card is the answer for out-patient primary healthcare. It is Cost effective, Can be used by everyone in the family and dependants, No ID necessary, Can save money for future medical usage, Easy top up by M-PESA and Selected Quality Healthcare Clinics only within reach of where employees live and work.

The Changamka Medical Smart Card is a product that aims to revolutionize access to and delivery of primary health care and essential drugs, through innovative use of appropriate technology. They aim to improve distribution and funding within healthcare. The card offers a treatment package at pre-contracted prices at quality assured clinics within walking distance of most neighborhoods. This includes:

  1. Consultation
  2. Specified Laboratory test
  3. Drugs

Around Naivasha the cards are now accepted at Longonot Medical Centre and Ndonyo Health Services within Naivasha CBD and decisions from both Homegrown and Karuturi Hospitals is awaited. they have also appointed Messrs Right Thumb Solutions as their distributors within the County.

Below are some of many options for an employer for usage of the Changamka smart card:

a. Buy a card for each employee [500/=] and recover from their salaries

b. Effect deduction monthly for an agreed amount per employee. Send cheque to Changamka who will top-up the cards of listed employees.

c. The employee is responsible for other top-ups according to his needs

d. Employees no longer come to employer for advance for medical

e. Card can only be used for healthcare

f. Changamka Microhealth is able to appoint clinics near the residential areas of employees as long as there is Safaricom network

The Changamka scheme ensures that the Employer can provide a real benefit to employees at a minimal cost to its operations; no additional cost need be incurred by the employer. Measurable improved health outcomes, for employees, positions an Employer as caring and socially responsible.

Import Handling during the holiday season 2011

Please find below the days that the Import Handling departments are open for business during the Holiday Season of 2011. It concerns Import Handling Naaldwijk, Import Handling Rijnsburg and TFA Import Handling in Aalsmeer.

Day Date Handling




Friday 22 April Yes No Yes
Saturday 23 April yes Yes No
Sunday 24 April No No No
Monday 25 April Yes * Yes No
Tuesday 26 April Yes Yes Yes
Saturday 30 April Yes * Yes ** No
Thursday 5 May Yes Yes Yes
Thursday 2 June Yes * Yes No
Friday 10 June Yes No Yes
Saturday 11 June Yes Yes No
Sunday 12 June No No No
Monday 13 June Yes * Yes No
Tuesday 14 June Yes Yes Yes

* Handling RB available until 12.30 hrs
** Open if necessary

Source: Floraholland

International Rose supply at BloemPlaza Naaldwijk

During a Meet & Greet on Thursday 14 April international rose growers have the opportunity to present their available assortment to buyers. From 9.00 until 11.00 hrs BloemPlaza Naaldwijk will be the meeting place for buyers and handling agents of international suppliers of roses.

A colourful and large import assortment is displayed by the representatives of the international growers. FloraHolland staff members will be present to answer questions, if necessary.

Meet & Greet Rose Import
Date: Thursday 14 April 2011
Time: 09.00 – 11.00 hrs
Location: BloemPlaza, FloraHolland Naaldwijk

source: Floraholland

A feast for the eyeballs


At first glance, it looks like a giant child armed with a box of crayons has been set loose upon the landscape. Vivid stripes of purple, yellow, red, pink, orange and green make up a glorious patchwork.  Yet far from being a child’s sketchbook, this is, in fact, the northern Netherlands in the middle of tulip season.
The Dutch landscape in May is a kaleidoscope of color as the tulips burst into life. The bulbs are planted in late October and early November.  More than three billion tulips are grown each year & two-thirds of the vibrant blooms are exported, mostly to the U.S. and Germany .

The Taipei Packaging Industry Show is scheduled to be held at TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall Taipei from   22nd to25th June, 2011:

Exhibit Profile:

Packaging Machinery & Materials

Packaging Plant Systems

Filling/ Sealing/ Weighing Machinery

Printing Machinery

Warehousing Equipment

Food & Pharmaceuticals Packaging Machinery

Shrink Packaging Machines

Bag Making Machinery

Material Control Equipment

Vacuum Packaging Machines


Paper & Cardboard Containers

Tapes/ Plastic Film/ Pallets

The Center will provide incentives on free 4-night lodging, airport pick-up and aid in landing visa application. The incentive will limited and offered on one-person-per-company and first-come-first-served basis. Contact Richard Wu, Director for details on nairobi@taitra.org.tw, www.taipeipack.com.tw Tel: (254) 20 271 1189/1187/1190, 254) 729 427 879, (254) 735 701 589

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