July Issue 1 2011

Industry events

The 4th Africa Export & Import Fair (A-EXIM) 2011

The biggest range of International Business Opportunities, paraded in Africa, on Kenyan soil;

Companies from:

The United Arab Emirates, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Cote D’ Voire, Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, Tanzania, Malawi, Botswana, South Africa, Egypt, Zambia, Sierre Leone, China, Korea, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Turkey, Venezuela and more, to showcase the best of their export-ready products and services.

Visitors from;

Germany, Scotland, France, Mauritius, China, Japan,  Sri Lanka, Cote D’ Voire, The United Arab Emirates and Poland have so far registered as trade delegates at the event.

They are looking for agents, exporters/importers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, partners and joint ventures in:

Agro Business, Plastics & Packaging, Textile Manufacturing & Garments, Energy, ICT, Education, Materials & Technologies, Living & Lifestyles, International Transport & Logistics, Money Markets, Machinery, Tools & Equipments, and Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing and Exhibitions/Events (MICE) Industries.

Event Dates: 24th – 27th August, 2011

Venue: Kenyatta International Conference Centre, Nairobi Kenya.

To participate through Exhibition, Visiting, Advertising or Sponsorship, log on to www.eeoevents.com

Call on +254 20 2688098/9, +254 20 2300593 Email: info@exhibitionevents.com

Event supported by

Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM),

Kenya Export Promotion Council (EPC),

Ministry of Trade – Kenya, Kenya National Chambers of Commerce & Industry (KNCCI),

East African Community (EAC) Secretariat, East African Business Council (EABC)

Expo Flora Russia 2011 – Moscow

30-08-2011 / 01-09-2011

Expo Flora Russia 2011, at the monumental Gostiny Dvor on the beautiful red square in Moscow, is a new trade fair by HPP Exhibitions. It coincides with Flowers Expo 2011, also in Moscow, and explicitly focuses on the Russian floriculture industry. Its official website is http://www.hppexhibitions.com/floriculture/2011/russia/

Flowers Expo 2011 – Moscow (Russia)

30-08-2011 / 02-09-2011

Russia’s largest and most famous flower expo is being organized for the 8th time around. Flowers 2011 will showcase everything in the field of flowers, plants, equipment and materials for the floristry and gardening business.  Additional information can be obtained from the official Flowers website, http://www.expoflowers.ru/en/flowers/

International Horti Fair – Amsterdam (NL)

01-11-2011 / 04-11-2011

The International Horti Fair in Amsterdam is one of the main annual trade fairs for the green sector. With its strong focus on producers and entrepreneurs, the event is the platform for the introduction of new products and services, and knowledge exchange among experts.  For more visit http://www.hortifair.nl/hortifair/

IFTF 2011 – Vijfhuizen (NL)

02-11-2011 / 04-11-2011

The International Floriculture Trade Fair is a renowned industry-wide event, aiming to bring buyers and suppliers from every stage of the production & trading cycle together, to better facilitate the floristry business as a whole. The fair will take place at the Expo Haarlemmermeer, a state of the art greenhouse building. For more info, http://www.hppexhibitions.com/floriculture/2011/iftf/?page=vis

National Exporters Forum 2011 a success

The Export Promotion Council (EPC) in collaboration with Africa Trade Insurance Agency (ATI) held the 2011 National Exporter’s Forum on June 30th 2011 at the Norfolk Hotel, Nairobi. The forum is an annual exercise with an objective of enhancing Kenya’s export performance, through presentations, discussions and dialogue among stakeholders, touching on contemporary issues that impact on the sector both from macro and micro perspective and thus involves interaction of both the public and private sector stakeholders in the export business.

This year’s theme was “risk mitigation in the export business as a key to export development”.  The Chief Executive Officer EPC Ms. Ruth Mwaniki said that the country needs to work on diversification and value addition as a way of stabilizing export earnings adding that EPC will intensify its activities and work with markets abroad.

The chairman of EPC Hon. Njeru Ndwiga lamented that the sector plays a critical role in the projected annual economic growth of 10% in vision 2030 hence risk mitigation facilities should be put in place to enhance growth. He added that there is need to establish an Export Development Fund to support activities in the entire export sector and also establishment of a guarantee scheme that would facilitate realization of lower interest rates on credit for exporters and investors.

Plans are underway to incorporate an exporter’s award scheme as part and parcel of the exporter’s forum in future to celebrate exporters who excel in various areas.

Prof. Wafula Masai of Commission for Revenue Allocation (CRA) said the Export basket is dominated by primary products, implying limited value addition. Also, there has been increased trade in export from Kshs 200 billion to Kshs 400 billion in the period of 2006 to 2010. Imports increased from Kshs 450b to Kshs 950 billion from 2006 to 2010. He said that Kenya should make an effort to increase exports to decrease deficit in balance of trade.

Other presenters included ATI, Equity Bank, Metropol E.A, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Tradeand Dr. Manu Chandari. Kenya Flower Council attended the forum.

International Importers Associations Directory

Exporters and potential exporters should be aware of the International Importers Associations Directory which provides developing countries and economies in transition with a reference book of importers’ associations that will facilitate trade contacts between potential or existing exporters and representative organizations in importing markets.
The Directory includes associations known to International Trade Centre that undertake activities or provide services for the import of goods into their respective countries. Those associations importing a wide range of goods, and not of a sector specific nature, are listed first, alphabetically by region. Subsequently, associations are listed by the sector in which they do business, again alphabetically. Cross-reference to other sectors of business is made where relevant.
Associations in countries or territories that are not adequately covered, or for which incomplete or incorrect information is shown, are invited to provide ITC with the appropriate information for inclusion in subsequent issues of the Directory.
Please access the Directory at http://www.intracen.org/Exporters/importers-associations/

Flower Council Holland moving to FloraHolland premises

In light of the recent agreement between the Dutch Flower Council, the FloraHolland flower auction and wholesalers association VGB to centralize the ornamental horticulture sector’s promotional activities, the offices of the Flower Council will – in all likelihood – soon be moved to FloraHolland’s Naaldwijk location.

The fragmentation of the Dutch horticulture sector’s promotional activities between the different organizations has raised some questions in recent times, particularly concerning efficiency and necessity. The managing bodies of FloraHolland and the Flower Council have therefore – in principle – agreed to move the latter’s headquarters to the auction’s offices in Naaldwijk. The VGB retains a neutral position in the matter, for now.

Traditionally, the sector’s promotion has been based on a sort of two-pronged approach: marketing towards consumers being in the hands of the Flower Council, whereas marketing towards producers was being done by FloraHolland. The flower auction has been questioning that partition in the last years, signaling its intention to have more control over the activities of the Flower Council, albeit in close consultation with the VGB wholesalers association.

The Flower Council is currently vested in the Dutch city of Leiden. Its future office will be in the Westland, where FloraHolland has one of its key distribution centers in the form of the Naaldwijk auction, thereby bringing the marketing department in much closer vicinity to the production unit.

The change of location will likely commence in the coming months, and be completed by June of 2012 at the latest.

Sources: Sierteeltnet, Bloem en Blad

International Flower Bulb Centre calling it quits

The management board of the International Flower Bulb Centre (IFBC) has announced that the promotional organization will halt its activities and cease to exist as of the beginning of next year.

The spokesperson of IFBC foundation, which has been, for a long-time, key organization promoting Dutch bulbs and bulb flowers in the European region and abroad, indicated that the decision has to do with financial uncertainty. The bulb center relies on funding from the Horticulture Product Board for its activities, while the new levy system which has recently been introduced to the sector limits the role of the Product Board when it comes to such promotional work.

Specifically, in light of the decision by Anthos (the Royal Trade Association for Tree Nursery and Bulb Products) to no longer have the sector’s collective levies be collected and disseminated through the Horticulture Product Board, the continued existence of the IFBC cannot be guaranteed by Anthos and the KAVB – the Royal General Bulb Growers’ Association.

The underlying discussion about the exact role – and desired future – of the Product Boards in Dutch society is ongoing. The collective industry platforms, which are simultaneously promotional hubs for the sector they represent, have both a fair share of critics and enthusiasts.

For the bulb center’s twelve employees, the news unfortunately means an inevitable lay off once the last activities cease, at the end of this year. Commitments have been made regarding a social ‘safety net’ for them, but the exact contours of that plan are not yet clear.

Sources: Vakblad voor de Bloemisterij, AgriHolland , florint

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