October Issue 4 2011

Kenya Flower Day in Brussels, Belgium

The Embassy of Kenya in Belgium is organizing a Kenya Flower Day scheduled from 5th-9th December 2011 (Kindly note the change of dates). They have secured a stand together with the associated costs.

So far, seven buyers have committed to meet the Kenyan delegation that will participate in this promotional event. Officials from the European Union will also be available to discuss import costs and trade issues affecting the sector in general.

Kindly confirm your participation to md@hcda.or.ke, kfc@wananchi.com

Belgium Visa Requirements

–       All Belgium visa applications must be submitted by appointment only as from 18 September 2011.

–       Appointments can be made by calling 0719779877 (Mon to Fri) between 14.00 and 16.00, stating your surname, first name, date of birth, nationality and date of departure.

–       Appointments must be made at least 15 days before departure.

Note: This number is for appointments only. No information will be given about visa.

As from the same date the visa fees must be paid to their bank account prior to application. Cash will no longer be accepted. The proof of payment must be added to application file.

Bank details:

Name: Embassy of Belgium – Visa

Account number: 6592350041

Visa short stay (tourism, business): KES 7.800

Visa long stay (resident/student): KES 23.400

CBA (Commercial Bank of Africa)



Better biological control of whitefly and thrips

Koppert Biological Systems is raising the biological control of thrips and whitefly to a higher level with the new predatory mite Amblydromalus limonicus. The company has devoted over ten years of efforts to this new product. The predatory mite excels in terms of gluttony and reproductive capacity.

Koppert is also launching a new product under the name Swirski-Mite LD. This product is based on the existing Swirski-Mite Plus product. It contains the same predatory mite with the same unique characteristics but supplied in a sachet that releases new mites in larger numbers over a longer period of time. LD stands for Long Duration.

Koppert intends Amblydromalus limonicus (see picture) to be used alongside the predatory mite Amblyseius swirskii (Swirski-Mite) and the new product Swirski-Mite LD. In Koppert’s vision, Amblyseius swirskii is the basic natural enemy for thrips and whitefly. If the level of infestation becomes too high, Amblydromalus limonicus forms the solution.

The first deliveries of Swirski-Mite LD are planned for December and those of A. limonicus are scheduled for January 2012. These products will reinforce the biological system and will offer growers even greater confidence.

BA’s Kenya freighter foray

British Airways (BA) looks as though it will beat Kenya Airways to operate the first freighter in the Kenyan market. BA will start a 747-8F service in November from Nairobi (Kenya) to London (UK) and Spain. The freighter will operate once a week and will see the airline’s cargo capacity for the Kenyan market increase by 50 tonnes, representing 30 per cent of present capacity.

BA currently lifts around 250 tonnes of belly-cargo from Nairobi weekly. The new service will be co-shared with Johannesburg (South Africa) and the Kenyan capital.

“There is demand from our customers to increase capacity,” BA’s area commercial manager for East Africa Michael Murithi said. “We are giving our customers an opportunity to access other markets without going through other hubs.”

National carrier Kenya Airways will receive two 747s at the beginning of November. Titus Naikuni, Kenya Airways’ chief executive officer, said the first aircraft will be flying to Guangzhou (China) and India, due to the booming exports and imports from Asia, while the second will serve the African market.

A surge in telecoms equipment and horticulture exports means Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) is now the largest cargo-handling airport in Africa. Horticulture dominates outbound cargo, which totalled over 300,000 metric tonnes last year, putting JKIA ahead of Cairo (Egypt), Johannesburg and Lagos (Nigeria).

Source: Aircargo News; hortibiz

Import roses available at FloraHolland e-Trade

Since October 24th a wide assortment import roses has been made available at FloraHolland e-Trade. Fifteen African growers will be offering their products at the digital platform on daily bases. The assortment is divers with several colours and lengths. The products are available in buckets and in boxes.

The following growers started offering at FloraHolland e-Trade from October 24:

• Akina
• Nini
• Oserian
• Equinox
• Panocal
• Zuri
• Roseto
• New Holland Flowers
• P.J. Dave Flowers
• P.J. Dave Flora
• Everflora
• Queen Sheba
• Karuturi
• Ethiopian Meadows
• Surya Blossoms

To buy products from these growers please check their offer from October 24 at www.florahollandetrade.com.
If you don’t have a login code for FloraHolland e-Trade you can contact Kevin van Embden T: +31(0)297-390849 or kevinvanembden@floraholland.nl.

For questions about the assortment at FloraHolland e-Trade you can contact Kees Zwinkels at T: +31(0)297-391010 or keeszwinkels@floraholland.nl.

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