December Issue 1 2011

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Issue 1: December 2011

Next months full of Flower Days

December and January has a good number of events and holidays which can be classified as Flower Days, because flower demand will be higher than normal. The main next Flower Day is Christmas, but there are more, as the list made by FloraHolland shows.

Day Event / Holiday Country
December 2011
5-6 Saint Nicolas Netherlands, Belgium, Greece and Slovakia
6 Independence Day Finland
6 Day of the Constitution Spain
7 Pearl Harbor Day USA
8 Maria Immaculate Conception Austria, Italy, Spain, Switzerland
8 Constitution Day Romania
21 Jewish Hanuka Israel, USA
23 Emperor’s Birthday Japan
24 Christmas Eve
25 Christmas
26 Independence Day Slovenia
31 New Year’s Eve
January  2012
1 New Year 2012
2 Epiphany France
2 Berchtolds Day Switzerland
2 – 6 Bank Holiday Ukraine
6 Epiphany Austria, Finland, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Romania, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland
7 Orthodox Christmas Russia, Ukraine
7 St. John Romania
9 Coming of Ages Day Japan
14 Queen Margrethe II’s 50 Year’s Anniversary Denmark
14 Orthodox New Year Russia, Ukraine
16 Martin Luther King Jr’s Day USA
21 Birthday of princess Ingrid Alexandra Norway
21 Grandmothers Day Poland

EAC and EU hold EPA experts meeting in Kampala, Uganda

Experts from the East African Community (EAC) and the EU met in Kampala (Uganda) from 15 to 17 November 2011 to discuss economic and development co-operation, agricultural issues and Rules of Origin. The meeting was organized following the last negotiation round held in Zanzibar, Tanzania (12-15 September 2011), and in preparation of the next round to be held in Brussels in December 2011.

Substantial progress was made on development co-operation and agriculture. Talks on Rules of Origin clarified positions in view of next the round, but the issue requires more work. Overall, the Kampala meeting fully achieved its main objective, i.e. to prepare the December round, which is expected to make substantial progress on all the issues of the agreed agenda, thus preparing an EAC-EU EPA.

Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda initialled a “framework” or interim EPA (mainly dealing with trade in goods) on 28th November 2007, and are now negotiating a regional comprehensive EPA.

For further information: EU-EAC negotiations

“Full swing” at FloraHolland 100 Years’ Color party in Africa

On 25th and 26th of November the 100 years’ FloraHolland celebration took place in Ethiopia and Kenya. In total over 350 guests gathered at the Hilton in Addis Ababa and Zen Garden in Nairobi. Employees of FloraHolland, growers and business relations celebrated the anniversary of the flower auction with their family and friends.

With the celebrations in Ethiopia and Kenya and this week in Israel the centenary festivities of FloraHolland come to an ending. Earlier in November, the relation event and the 100 Years’ Color parties in Rijnsburg in the Netherlands took place.

The vibes at the 100 Years’ Color party both in Ethiopia and Kenya were fantastic. The locations were decorated with beautiful flower arrangements everywhere.
In Ethiopia three, different party rooms were divided with three different color combinations, say the lounge area in white and red, the fully colored party area and the buffet area in entirely black and white. In Kenya the ‘flowering’ entrance to the cocktail party and the tree with 100 years’ color ‘flower balls’ at the outdoors patio were striking eye catchers of the evening.

After watching the movie ‘100 years FloraHolland’, chairman Bernard Oosterom opened the evening with his speech focused on the three key words :respect, pride and connecting. In Ethiopia as well as in Kenya the Ambassador of The Netherlands and the state minister of the Ministry of Agriculture took the floor and congratulated the growers and FloraHolland.

The Ethiopian Horticultural Producers and Exporters Association (EHPEA) handed out an award to FloraHolland for the good cooperation between FloraHolland and EHPEA. The local employees received a certification for their cooperation.
In Kenya special attention was drawn to the fundraising project for the Ghetto Exposed foundation with a special photo book edition. On the following day Bernard Oosterom planted a tree to support the Karuturi Green Planet Programme.

Both festivities were accompanied by a band performance and ‘full swing’ dancers and everyone enjoyed a wonderful evening.

Over 12,000 people at six different locations in the world celebrated the centennial of FloraHolland during the festivities in the past period.

Source: hortbiz

New Fees to be introduced by Ethiopian Cargo

Ethiopian Cargo is to introduce new fees for various services it offers in Ethiopia. The new fees are expected to include charges for security screening, port handling, terminal use and terminal transfers. There were no charges for these services provided previously.

Fees will be modeled on what Ethiopian Airlines has been paying in external airport terminals. Such charges are common to goods shipped by private companies in other countries according to industry experts.

Ethiopian Cargo offered the services free of charge because it has been handled by Ethiopian Airlines a public company. The new strategy is part of efforts by Ethiopian Cargo to enhance its earnings. Other schemes to increase profitability include increasing cargo and charter rates, warehouse demurrage, higher office rent as well as introducing terminal charges.

Ethiopian Cargo has the potential to become a major hub for the shipping of perishable goods such as herbs, fruits, meats and flowers due to its strategic location.

The terminal will be required to meet international design specifications to ensure rapid processing and cold chain management. An expansion project is expected to provide an additional capacity to manage 125,000 tons and 120 pallet positions.

Regular perishable outgoing cargo from Addis Ababa Airport includes flower, frozen meat products and rugs. Incoming cargo handled by Ethiopian cargo include chemicals, machinery, equipment, medicines and garments.

Source: Capital

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