Febraury Issue 4 2012

KFC Friday Notice Board

Issue 4: February 2012

International Trade Fairs 2012

Dates Event Place, Country
22-26 February Holland Flowers Festival, Bulb Flowers Show Bovenkarspel, the Netherlands
3-5 March Flora Expo New Dehli, India
3-12 March Taiwan International Orchid Show Taiwan
10-11 March North East Floral Expo Sturbridge Host Hotel ,USA
14-16 March FloraHolland Trade Fair Naaldwijk, the Netherlands
14-16 March World Floral Expo Newyork, USA
20-22 March Flowers & Hortech Warsaw, Poland
21-23 March IFTEX, Int. Flower Trade Expo Nairobi, Kenya
26 April – 13 May Goyang Korea Show 2012 Goyang, Korea
19 – 22 June International Floriculture Expo Miami, USA
10 – 12 October IFEX Tokyo, Japan
14 -15 September Naivasha Horticultural Fair Naivasha, Kenya

Special Flower Days 2012

Day Event / Holiday Country

28                                            Andalucia day                                                                                         Spain

1                                              Saint David’s Day                                                                                    UK
3                                              Dolls/Girls Festival’s Day                                                                       Japan
4                                              Grandmother’s day                                                                                 Belgium, France
8                                              International Woman’s day International;                                            Russia, East Europe, and Italy
14                                            White Day                                                                                               Japan
15                                            National Day                                                                                           Hungary
17                                            Saint Patrick’s Day                                                                                  UK/Northern Ireland, Ireland, USA
18                                            Mother’s Day                                                                                          UK, Ireland
19                                            Father’s Day                                                                                             Italy, Portugal, Spain
21                                            Spring Equinox Day                                                                                 Japan
25                                            Mother’s Day                                                                                         Slovenia

1                                              Palm Sunday
3                                              Mother’s Day                                                                                         Northern Island
6                                              Good Friday
8                                              Easter Sunday

University finds predators against Tarsonemids

Tarsonemids (Fam. Tarsonemidae) are an increasing problem in the cultivation of ornamentals. In Bromelia, they cause damages as necrotic spots or reddish stripes in the leaves and malformations of the inflorescence. Wageningen University in the Netherlands found four predatory mites to control this pest.

Because of their tiny size and their hidden habitat, they are difficult to be controlled by predatory mites. Five predatory mites were selected as potential predators of the Tarsonemidae mites due to their nutritional preferences, living environment and size. Four of the five selected mites, namely Neoseiulus reductus, Neoseiulus alpinus, Typhlodromips montdorensis and Neoseiulus barkeri showed a very good predatory behavior on the offered prey. All of them notice the prey very soon and proceeded to what resulted in a very high percentage in successful predation. The predatory mite isolated from infected Bromelia plants, Lasioseius fimetorum was unexpectedly totally not interested in the offered prey, often walked over it without noticing it and did no efforts at all to feed himself with the prey.

The findings can increase the chance of successful control of this pest in Bromelia. A necessary condition is that the predatory mites can colonize the host plants. Therefore, it is recommended to perform tests in order to evaluate the colonization of the crop at the plant level with the successful predatory mites.

The research was done upon request by the Dutch Bromelia Growers Committee of LTO Groeiservice and financed by the Horticultural Product Board.


2012 is the year of the dragon. To the Chinese, the dragon is symbol of good fortune and sign of intense power. In Eastern philosophy, the Dragon is said to be a deliverer of good fortune and a master of authority.

With each year there is a struggle to get that special gift for that special person on their special day or do something that will leave you in good stead with them and this year is no different. How do you plan to commemorate your loved one or dear one’s birthday this year? Are you planning on doing the usual lunch date, night out partying, a surprise birthday party, a beautiful birthday card with an equally beautiful message in it?

Well whatever you plan I am sure it will be fun and well appreciated. We here at KFC want to help you spruce up your celebrations, or rather add a little KFC touch to this year’s birthday celebrations. This year (and the others to come) to add to your special way of celebrating birthdays, add the birthday girl’s or boy’s birth month flower in the mix or better yet decorate the party room with these flowers. Now if some of the flowers we mention sound alien to you or you do not know where to get them, feel free to contact us and we will be more than ready to point you in the right direction

January babies start us off, they are said to be stable, trustworthy, persistent, ambitious and patient among other things but they can also tend to be a little reserved and some sort of critics and I do not think there is any flower that would suit them to perfection as the carnation whose general meaning is love, fascination, and distinction for their love of others or their homely attitude makes them trustworthy and their fancy in something (or someone) makes them rather persistent, whereas their ambition sets them apart from the crowd. It is for the simple reasons stated that the carnation is the January birth flower.

The February baby is said to be honest and loyal, quiet, shy and humble, creative and progressive. He or she is both Intelligent and clever and Superstitious and ludicrous and to some extent a spendthrift, but let us not let this few shortcomings sidetrack us and it is with the good and not so attractive qualities that makes the Violet (pictured above) this baby’s birth flower, for the Violet symbolizes faithfulness, humility and chastity.

The March Birth Flower is the Jonquil (aka Daffodil or Narcissus. The meaning of the March Birth Flower, the Jonquil (aka Daffodil or Narcissus) is friendship and domestic happiness. The March babies are said to not only have attractive personalities, but are also known being affectionate, naturally honest, generous and sympathetic but they too have their flaws which makes them secretive, moody and wait for it…vengeful (the line between friendship and fiend is thin after all, and you do not want to cross that) but no other flower fits as their birth flower as the Jonquil.

Be sure to catch up with us next week as we continue our analysis of the remaining month’s babies and as we reveal what their birth flowers are. But for now do not hide yourself in regret just love yourself and you are set because come rain or come sunshine, you were born that way.

Question to ask while developing a safety culture

a)  Organizational structure/ span of control- who does the safety manager report to?

b)  How strong in the companies’ chain of command is the safety manager?
In the annual budget of the company, what percentage is allocated to safety?

c)   How do you describe a hazard? Hazard description: presence, location, quantity, condition and proximity. Then what? Identify, inform, train, and equip, surveillance?

d)  What is the hierarchy of controls? 1. Engineering controls 2. Administrative controls, 3. PPE

e)   How can one engineer the workplace to reduce hazards? Integrated Safety Management (ISM) functions: 1. Define the scope of work, 2. Analyze hazards, 3. Develop and implement hazard controls, 4. Work within controls, 5. Monitor and evaluate effectiveness of the controls 5. Provide feedback and continuous improvement.

Cultural improvements – changing culture involves more than formal, punctuated events. It requires changing the hearts and minds of a majority of the employee population so that safety is a conscious value.


Safety is a clearly recognized value

v    High priority to safety: shown in documentation, communications and decision- making

v    Safety is a primary consideration in the allocation of resources

v    The strategic business importance of safety is reflected in business plan

v    Individuals are convinced that safety and production go ‘hand in hand’

v    A proactive and long-term approach to safety issues is shown in decision-making

v    Safety conscious behavior is socially accepted and supported  (both formally and informally)

Leadership for safety is clear

v    Senior management is clearly committed to safety

v    Commitment to safety is evident at all management levels

v    Visible leadership showing involvement of management in safety related activities

v    Leadership skills are systematically developed

v    Management assures that there is sufficient and competent staff

v    Management lead by example on safety issues

v    Management seeks the active involvement of staff in improving safety

v    Safety implications are considered in the change management process

v    Management shows a continuous effort to strive for openness and good communications throughout the organization

v    Management has the ability to resolve conflicts as necessary

v    Relationships between management and staff are built on trust.

More participants at Flower Trials in the Netherlands

Flower Trials 2012 will be held in the Netherlands from 12 through 15 June 2012. With another four companies participating this year, this means 39 companies will be holding their Open House Days simultaneously at 26 different locations in the Aalsmeer, Westland (Netherlands) and Rhineland and Westphalia (Germany) regions.

This increase in the number of participating companies confirms the highly effective formula employed by Flower Trials. More and more visitors from Europe and the rest of the world are coming to see the spectacular exhibits and new products as well as to get an overview of the entire assortment of products on display during this occasion.

For visitors, Flower Trials are an opportunity to obtain detailed information about all the currently available pot plants used both indoors and outdoors, bedding plants, and new products. This allows them to make an appropriate choice of crops to produce within the next few years.

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