May Issue 5 2012

Kenyan grower invited to attend the IBERFLORA International Fair, Spain

The 41st edition of IBERFLORA Fair, an event dedicated to flowers and plants will be held in at the Feria Valencia exhibition centre, Spain between, 3rd and 5th October 2012.  IBERFLORA International Fair of Mediterranean plants and Flowers, Technology and Garden is a showcase for International companies and buyers of prime importance in the context of international trade show.

The ambassador of the Kenyan Embassy in Spain Mr. Bramwel Kisuya has extended an invitation to the Kenya Growers through the Kenya Flower Council to send a delegation to participate in the event. He has stated that this is a great chance for the Kenyan flowers to penetrate the Spanish market.

The Kenyan Embassy in Madrid is committed towards seeing to the facilitation of a successful delegation and would therefore like the Kenyan Growers to participate in the exhibition.

KFC is requesting the Kenyan growers who would be interested in participating in the show to confirm with us earliest possible to enable the Kenya embassy in Spain organize the logistics.

Horticulture Exporters Begin Using Local Packaging Boxes

Ethiopian Horticulture Development Agency (EHDA) has announced the use of locally produced standard packaging boxes for flower export. The use of locally made packaging boxes is effective as of this week.

Agency Director General Haileselassie Tekie said standardization will enable the country to enhance its foreign currency earnings from the horticulture sector through minimizing the damage of flowers due to transportation.

The Director General further stated that the standard packaging will help build the good image of the country in the horticulture sector. About 30 per cent of the country’s export flower was exposed to avoidable damages during export, according to the Director General.

In some occasions, Ethiopian flowers were sold as if they were the products of other countries, he said, adding that branding of the sector will have a significant importance in avoiding such problems. Ethiopian Pulp and Paper Plc, Burayou Packaging and Printing Industry, Minaye Packaging Plc, and Unlimited Packaging Plc are accredited to produce the packaging boxes.

The four companies which have already started to manufacture the standard boxes are permitted to import raw materials free of tax. The companies are expected to manufacture 300,000 standard boxes per week.

Ethiopia is the second flower exporter in Africa next to Kenya. Over the last 10 months of the current Ethiopian budget year alone, the country has secured more than 200 million USD from the export of horticulture products. Over 160 million USD of which was secured from the export of 1.7 billion flower stems. The Netherlands, Norway, Germany, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Japan, UK, Italy, France and Lebanon were the first top ten recipients of Ethiopian flowers.

FloraHolland has good year thanks to cooperation within floriculture industry

The Royal FloraHolland Flower Auction Cooperative closed the 2011 financial year with an annual turnover of more than €4.15 billion and a net result of €12 million*. The sales realized represent a small increase of 0.7% compared to the previous year. This is primarily the result of a 2.5% increase in volume to 12.5 billion flowers and plants.

The General Director Timo Huges has said although the economy was unstable, the financial crisis intensified, and several countries — including the Netherlands — were hit by recession, the floriculture industry and FloraHolland experienced a good year.

”European consumers continued to purchase flowers and plants, causing the increase in volumes.” He said.

According to Huges, the strength of this sector partially stems from the entrepreneurship of FloraHolland’s members and customers, who, thanks to their cooperation, are able to weather the storm.

A hub for global trade

In 2011, the flower auction achieved its commercial, as well as its financial, goals, something that not every individual grower will have experienced. Thanks to differences at product level, certain groups of growers will have achieved good results while others will have not been as successful. With its stable and slowly increasing market share, the Netherlands is the hub for global trade in ornamental plant and flower crops. The trend that sees the floriculture industry and FloraHolland operate on an increasingly international level has consequences for the auction’s services for international members, and increasing levels of international production and sales require logistical investments, as well as the development of an information system. In this way, the unique qualities of the flower auction are exported internationally.

Creating opportunities around industry developments

The developments within the floriculture industry are proceeding unabated. Both the international production of flowers in East Africa and the sales in Eastern Europe and Russia continue to grow. Additionally, the digitization process in the floriculture chain is taking off, making extensive mutual information exchanges, digital trading platforms and tailored clock solutions possible.

Moreover, growers are looking to contact one another to collaborate and strengthen in the market the areas of logistics, marketing, purchasing, sales and information exchange. This is already happening in the chain in order to be able to cooperate more effectively and efficiently in certain market segments. With these developments in place, FloraHolland is creating opportunities for its members to distinguish themselves in the market as individual or as a group of growers. On the road to the future, the strength of the floriculture industry lies in the cooperation between growers, the trade and FloraHolland within the chain.

Colombia wins best stand at Korean flower show

Colombian blooms won the top prize at an international horticulture trade show in Goyang, South Korea — a nation that is a growing destination for flower exports from the Andean nation.

Colombia‘s stand the International Horticulture Goyang Korea 2012, organized by the government’s tourism and trade body, Proexport and the Association of Colombian Flower Exporters, was named “best stall” at the event, Proexport reported.

It said the Colombian flowers were some of the most visited, with a sizeable number of the 530,000 people stopping by to see the carnations, hydrangeas, mini carnations, roses, calla lilies and the South American lily alstroemeria.

The 18-day event featured 150 companies from 40 countries and 160 local companies.

Colombian flower sales to South Korea have more than doubled in the past year, from $540,000 to $1.2 million. Hydrangeas were the main export for 2011.

Total exports for the year stood at $1,239 million, up $10.8 million from 2010, according to Colombian government statistics agency DANE.


How to tell your wife you’re sorry

A florist from the capital of Kazachstan, Almaty, received the type of order every florist dreams of just a few days ago, for International Women’s Day: one for no less than a million red roses!

The incredible order came from a wealthy local, who had just had an argument with his wife. Inspired by a Russian song which speaks of a million roses, he thought of the perfect way to say sorry and turned to a local florist in the city of Kyzylorda with his (slightly megalomaniacal!) request.

In all likelihood feeling slightly overwhelmed, the Kyzylorda flower trader inquired with a colleague in the nation’s capital regarding how to fulfill the unusual demand. He was subsequently pointed to an unnamed professional Dutch rose grower, as the one million stems had to be of equal length in order to make the right impression.

The value of the order seems to be mind-boggling, considering the going rate of up to 13 dollars a stem which the original article quotes. Because of the uniqueness of the request, the final price card was apparently only around 3 million dollars, however.

We were, unfortunately, unable to get a hold of the lucky spouse to include her comment, or facial expression.

Source: Hortinews

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