June Issue 1 2012

Mitigating the Effects of Climate Change

The Government prepared a National Climate Change Response Strategy in April 2010. The aim of the strategy is to put in place robust measures needed to address challenges posed by climate variability and change. It is available at KFC and also at the Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources website http://www.environment.go.ke

At one of Government meetings held at the Prime Minister’s office on 6th June 2012, the Kenya Flower Council and the members were recognized alongside Safaricom and tea sector as among those who have done very well in putting measures which are mitigating against the effects of the climate change.

Some of those on record are Bilashaka Flowers Ltd’s solar energy water project, Tambuzi solar lighting, Kisima biogas project and Oserian Development Company’s geothermal power plant among others. Other KFC members are also contributing significantly  to carbon emission reduction through their trees planting and water harvesting projects.

The Kenya Flower Council is working with the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) in developing a set of new, robust water standard which will guide, incentivize and differentiate those producers committed to responsible water stewardship.   The intention is not to replace, but rather to supplement and support existing Government, regulatory and voluntary efforts.

The initiative is in part driven by the market for instance Marks and Spencer in partnership with GTZ to harness the power of the market to drive more responsible, sustainable water use and catchment management. This is also to meet the growing demands of consumers, purchasers and investors who are keen to ensure that their decisions to buy Kenya flowers are not contributing to water problems. Instead they become part of a  progressive response to the world’s water challenges.

CC & CG Charges

The customs charges at EU or EU countries have gone up as follows:

  • Cc charges @ usd19.75/Mawb & Hawb
  • Cg charges @ usd3.05/Mawb & Hawb

This takes effect immediately.

Source: Air Connections Ltd

JKIA closure affects flights

The Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) was closed on Wednesday 6th June 2012 at 3.30 am  affecting flights scheduled for landing and take-off due to a blocked runway. Some flights were diverted to Mombasa, Entebbe and Dar es Salam airports. The closure followed a flight landing mishap by Egypt Air 849 which carrying 123 passengers, skidded and veered off the runway landing in mud.

For the flower industry only consignments scheduled to leave around the closure time were affected.

Various cargo flights which were scheduled to depart after 3.30am on Wednesday 6th June 2012 morning were cancelled.

Some flights were fully loaded & awaiting Air Traffic Control instructions for departure NBO, when the incident occurred. All cargo had to be off-loaded and returned back to the cold stores.  This led to Unnecessary handling in de-palletization & re-palletization.

The mishap led to the cargo missing the European production (Wed/06 “PM”) and European distribution or auction sale (Thu/07 day).  There was also Unnecessary overtime for buyers/un-packers, and also losses for growers whose flowers missed the Thursday auction.

On the other hand the product attracted late supply penalties especially those meant for supermarkets and lower auction prices for those auctioned a day later that is, Friday 8th.

A flight to UK, was diverted to Mombasa then repositioned into JKIA/Nbo when runway was re-opened. All the cargo in this flight missed UK production (Wed/06 PM) & missed to reach UK Supermarket depots for distribution/supply (Thu/07 day). This resulted to overtime for distribution centres in UK, while the flowers attracted late supply penalties by the UK Supermarket and wholesale buyers.

However, it’s too early for Growers to quantify the losses incurred immediately. The impact will be felt at the auction or when penalty notices are received next week from buyers in Europe.

Flower Trade Exhibitions in Moscow Russia & Vijfhuizen Holland.

HPP Exhibitions organized a meeting on Thursday April 26th at Jacaranda Hotel, Nairobi on the flower trade fairs which HPP organizes in Russia, Ecuador and Holland.  The Kenyan growers including members of the Kenya Flower Council (KFC) and KFC attended the meeting.

HPP Exhibitions are the organizers of the upcoming International Floriculture Trade Fair (IFTF Expo), Expo Flora Russia and FlorEcuador Agriflora 2012.

According to Dick van Raamsdonk,General Director, HPP Exhibitions, many companies have continued to book stands at the Russian and Holland show.

During the IFTEX show in Kenya, The Agriculture minister Dr. Sally Kosgey encouraged growers in collaboration with HCDA and KFC to be mounting a Kenyan pavilion in the International shows and exhibitions instead of individual stands to easily market the Kenyan Flowers.

Those interested in exhibiting in the Kenya pavilion can contact KFC or HCDA.

Expo Flora Russia 2012

The Expo Flora Russia will take place in the heart of the capital of Russia, Moscow, in the prestigious state of the art building Gostiny Dvor on Wednesday September 5 to Friday September 8 2012. The 2012 event will be the 2nd edition. In 2011 which was the first edition attracted about 184 exhibitors from different countries.

To participate in the in show growers can book individual stands or at the Kenyan National pavilion. The cost at the Kenyan pavilion will be 250 Euros per metre squared and 325 Euros per metre squared for the individual stand.

The third edition of the International Floriculture Trade Fair (IFTF Expo) will be held next year in 2012 from Wednesday October 31st to Friday November 2nd at Expo Haarlemmermeer, Vijfhuizen near Aalsmeer. It will be the industry wide event serving all segments of the floriculture industry chain: from breeders, propagators, technical & service suppliers and growers, to importers, wholesalers and retailers.

To participate in the show exhibitors can book their stand at a cost of 175 euros per metre squared at the Kenya National pavilion and 275 euros per metre squared for an individual stand.

The 14th biennial International Flower Trade Show “FlorEcuador  Agriflor 2012” will be held from 3rd to 6th October 2012 in Ecuador.   Ecuador is one of the major flower producers in the world and has hosted before successful editions of the Expo “FlorEcuador Agriflor”

Farmers Field Day at Kimandi a success

Wilmar Flowers Ltd  in collaboration with USAID- KHCP organized a field day for small scale growers at  Kimandi-Gatanga, near Ndakaini dam on 31st may 2012 at John Muchai Muniu`s farm. The aim was to demonstrate improved flower production technologies and water harvesting to the farmers.

Over 200 farmers from different counties like Nyandarua, Nyeri, Kirinyaga, Muranga, Thika amongst others attended the event. Other participants included Kenya Flower Council, Ministry of Agriculture, Juanco SPS, Equity Bank, Kickstart, Blue Rhino, among others.

According to Mr. Wilfred Kamami Director of Wilmar Flowers Ltd their main objective is to assist small scale flower growers country-wide to improve flower productivity and quality for increased income and contribution to food security. Key flower varieties grown by the farmers include mobydick, Ornis, Arabicum, Eryngium, Craspedia, Rudbeckia and Tuberose. The main interventions include training in good agricultural practices, post-harvest handling and value addition, soil and water management, standards and compliance and new product development.

The Provincial Director of Agriculture (PDA) in Central province Mr. Joseph Gachingiri graced the occasion. He urged the farmers to embrace farming as a business.  He added that the Flower farming in central province earned the Government Kshs 2 billion.

Capacity Building on group dynamics and formation of Floriculture Marketing Company

WWF organized a workshop for small scale growers in Nyandarua to train them on capacity building on group dynamics and formation of floriculture marketing company on 4th and 5th June 2012 at Ndunyu Njeru, Kinangop.

KFC together with the consultants carrying out the National Mechanism for country-wide compliance project attended the workshop on 5th June 2012. The consultants engaged the growers through discussions and by giving them a questionnaire to fill.

Five groups attended the workshop. They included Mukungi Floriculture, Aberdares, Exotic, Kagongo, Gita and Tulaga

Training objective:

The main objective was to build capacity of the floriculture groups’ members on group dynamics, formation and Registration of production and marketing company.

  • The growers were trained on leadership, management skills and product marketing strategies.
  • HCDA and KFC informed them about the role they play in  production and marketing
  • KFC informed them about the importance of uniting and registering a company and also compliance.
  • The groups were trained on company registration procedures/process.
  • Growers agreed to register a company which they will use to sell and market their products.
  • Interim company officials to spearhead the process of registration were elected.

Chrysal and MAC Technologies join for ‘Arrive Alive’

Chrysal International and MAC Technologies have agreed on a working partnership. The goal of this strategic alliance is to bring a flower packaging innovation to the market called ‘Arrive Alive by Chrysal’. ‘Arrive Alive by Chrysal’ preserves the condition of cut flowers during transport and reduces water waste in the floral chain.

The concept consists of patented horticultural foam which hydrates flowers during transport. This innovative concept will be distributed exclusively by Chrysal International from June 1st 2012 in the USA, European markets to follow later this year.

For the full story visit http://www.hortibiz.com/detail/article/chrysal-and-mac-technologies-join-for-arrive-alive/

Cultivation of high quality roses in Pakistan

Official Pakistani sources say that currently low quality of roses are being cultivated and sold in domestic market as well as exported to Middle East countries. A comprehensive plan is being evolved for producing top quality of cut flowers especially roses across the country. Pakistan naturally possesses a great potential for producing quality roses due to rich resource local soil provides ideal agronomic conditions for the production of flower

For the full story visit http://www.hortibiz.com/detail/article/cultivation-of-high-quality-roses-in-pakistan/

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