August Issue 5 2012

Exporters to dig deeper due to fuel surcharge increase
Exporters will dig deeper into their pockets following a move by airlines to increase fuel surcharge. In the past few weeks, Prices for jet fuel have increased resulting to the Fuel Price Index exceeding the next threshold for two consecutive weeks. Fluctuating fuel prices have a direct impact on operating costs for the air express industry worldwide.
– Lufthansa Cargo increased its Fuel Surcharge, effective 27 AUG 2012, from € 1.15 to € 1.20 per kg actual freight weight. According to Lufthansa Cargo they have increased the Fuel Surcharge in accordance with their methodology based on the Fuel Price Index. The Fuel Price Index reflects the average price of jet kerosene on the world’s five major spot markets. The Fuel Surcharge is adjusted whenever the index exceeds or falls below a specific threshold for two consecutive weeks.
– British Airways will increase its Fuel Surcharge to EURO 1.06/kg or USD 1.16/kg to air waybills, effective 5th September 2012. The ‘Fuel Surcharge’ shall apply to all consignments except Domestics and Channel Islands.
– For Emirates:
i. Effective September 3, 2012 the FSC will increase from $0.90 per kilo to $0.95 per kilo (USD) for all shipments issued under an Emirates Air Waybill executed on or after September 3, 2012.
ii. Effective September 10, 2012 the FSC will increase from $0.95 per kilo to $1.00 per kilo (USD) for all shipments issued under an Emirates Air Waybill executed
Progress on Energy Audits
Following the gazettement of the Energy Regulatory Act 2006, conducting energy audits is now mandatory. With the New Energy Regulations by ERC mandating every firm to undertake an Energy Audit, Kenya Flower Council (KFC) and Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) have entered into an agreement to carry out the Audit Programme within the Kenya Flower Council membership in tandem with the industry aspirations to adopt best practices.
The Energy Audit will help the farms to Identify Energy Wastage, determine Saving Potential and give recommendations on measures to be implemented resulting in reduction of Energy Consumption.
The Energy Regulatory Act 2006 Clause 106:
1) Requires owner of buildings designated under section 105, to conserve energy, audit and analyze energy consumption in their buildings in accordance with the standards, criteria, and procedures as prescribed by regulations.
2) A person who fails to comply with this provision commits an offence and shall, on conviction, be liable to a fine not exceeding one million shillings, or to a maximum term of imprisonment of one year, or to both.
9 KFC producer members will undergo the audits. KFC is encouraging its membership to take this opportunity to carry out this audit for their farms to benefit out of the entire exercise. To carry out the energy audit for one site can cost up to Kshs 1.2 Million. However through this project, farms are going to pay Kshs 100,000 for the audit, recommendations and one follow-up to assess the level of implementation of the new recommended technologies.

Greenlife …. Unlocking the power in your farm!

Greenlife AgroScience East Africa Ltd an associate member of the Kenya Flower Council is a private company incorporated in 2010. It offers importation, warehousing and marketing of pesticides, fertilizers, seeds, small holder greenhouses and irrigation equipments thus offering farmers one of the most comprehensive range of farming solutions in a cost effective module.

The company targets to capture substantial market share in one of the fastest growing domestic and export horticulture sector in the country. This is via the supply of crop protection products as well providing technical advice to farmers on all aspects of indoor and outdoor production including agronomic advice pest and disease management, fertilizer regimes and guides on produce growing.

To realize their mission, they focus on new market niches so as to establish their market share.


To be the leading provider of Novel agricultural inputs in Eastern Africa and supplier of choice in the region.


To provide the best quality Farm inputs and equipments that adds value to our customer with a high value of professionalism at a cost effective module.

To achieve this, they source their products from leading ISO certified multinational manufacturers and ensure they meet international standards for safety, health and environment.


  • To produce high quality agrochemicals and fertilizers at competitive prices.
  • To provide advanced technical support and consultancy to farmers.
  • To grow our marketing, sales, and distribution network throughout Kenya and Eastern Africa.
  • To develop new products and expand the existing products.



Bartels Roses and LEX+ merge
UFO BV Holland has announced the merger between Bartels Roses and LEX+. All the Bartels Roses varieties will be marketed under the LEX+ name. Early this year both Bartels Roses and LEX+ were acquired by Agribio Group and all the rose varieties will be gathered under the LEX+ brand.
For East Africa the representatives will join forces and work together to give the best service possible. The contact persons remain Steve Outram, Floris Muilwijk and Jaap van Staaveren.
LEX+ will mount a stand during the Naivasha Hortifair scheduled to take place on 14th and 15th September 2012. Other partners within the Agribio Group are Bartels Stek, Barbaret & Blanc and Fides and will be represented in the UFO Stand.

Publication of spray roses manual

A breeding company Interplant Roses from Leersum in the Netherlands has published the first manual for spray roses. This English reference book, in handy A5 size with binder, is meant for international flower wholesale companies and florists.

The manual describes 61 different and current spray rose varieties, categorized by colour. Practical information such as stem length, vase life and the VBN product code is included for each cultivar. The breeder believes spray roses have a bright future.

Director Robert Ilsink: “More and more wholesale companies, florists and even consumers are discovering the versatile uses of the spray rose. During the last decade, a huge leap forward has been made in the development of spray roses, particularly when it comes to quality. Far from perfect in the past, now a superior flower. Spray roses are now used in more ways than ever before. This lovely flower is internationally used in mono bouquets, supermarket bouquets, mixed bouquets, but also in exclusive floral arrangements.”

Interplant Roses delivers the full range of spray roses, including fragrant varieties and large-flowered, multi-coloured and hybrid varieties. ‘Spray Roses – The Ultimate Handbook’ can be ordered free of charge online on

Source: hortibiz



Next CIOPORA conference at Floriade in the Netherlands

The CIOPORA Conference on Patents and modern PBR in Horticultural Breeding, which will take place on September 20 in Venlo.  The home of the Floriade 2012, will remind the industry stakeholders about the current situation in IP protection for plant innovations and its persisting problems.

The Agenda of the Conference foresees two sessions, which will shed light onto the most anticipated topics in the field of Intellectual Property Protection for the innovation-based horticultural businesses.

The morning session, chaired by the President of CIOPORA Andrea Mansuino, will concentrate on the Plant Breeders’ Rights. The session will focus on the questions of minimal distances, breeders’ exemption and the concept of EDV. The nourishment for dispute will be richly provided in the presentations by such experts of the sector as Lars Henriksen, PLA International, Bart Kiewiet, the former President of CPVO, and Joris Nicolleau, International Fruit Obtention.

The afternoon session of the Conference will focus on Patents for plant related innovations opened with a report on the current tensions and debates around the subject by, Niels Louwaars, the Director of Plantum. A company position on protection of plant related innovations by means of Patents will be expressed in the presentation of Dr. Ulf Schaberg, Syngenta. Finally, a comprehensive overview of the current legal situation in Patents and possible solutions for the persisting problems will be provided by one of the leading experts on IP worldwide Prof. Dr. Joseph Straus, the Director Emeritus of the Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property and Competition Law, Munich.

The registration form for the Conference is available at the or upon request via email under

Source: Hortibiz






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