October Issue 2 2012

A National workshop on ‘Enhancing the Global Competitiveness of the Eastern Africa Flower Industry’

The Kenya Flower Council (KFC) has organized a one day conference on ‘Enhancing the Global Competitiveness of the Eastern Africa Flower Industry’ scheduled to take place on November 13, 2012 at 8.30 am at the Nairobi Serena Hotel.

The conference has been organized to bring together stakeholders in the flower industry to discuss ways of enhancing the global competitiveness of the flower industry. In particular, the conference will focus on Taxes & Levies, Agro-bacterium & other soil borne diseases, climate change & the role of Strategic Environment Assessment on the competitiveness of the flower industry. During the conference, participants will also get a brief on the findings of studies conducted on each of the areas of focus.


As the industry continues to grow, it is cognizant of an increasingly sophisticated market, riddled with unprecedented challenges as posed by global climatic, economic and social dynamics. With the assistance from Centre for the Development of Enterprises (CDE) and  World Bank Foundation, the KFC came up with a  project to conduct a series of studies and activities, to determine the global competitiveness of the Eastern Africa Flower business. The World Bank Specifically funded a series of regional video conference based seminars, through the Global Learning Development Network (GLDN) which were concluded between May and December 2011.

As a follow up to the outputs of the video conferences, the project funded by CDE has delved deeper into implementation of some of the interventions identified, mainly in training, pilot project(s) and design.

To confirm attendance kindly write to KFC via kfc@wananchi.com



NEMA to hold a meeting with flower growers in Nakuru

The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) has planned a meeting with the flower growers on 26th October, 2012 at Hotel Cathy, Nakuru at 8.15 am.  The meeting was requested by the Kenya Flower Council (KFC) to provide KFC members with an opportunity to get a response from NEMA on issues of concern to the growers with regard to the NEMA water, solid and organic waste.

KFC prepared a list of concerns received from the growers in April 2012 and forwarded them to NEMA to provide a structured response.  To address the issues raised, the NEMA Director General and the Director in-charge of compliance will attend the meeting.

We are requesting members to kindly confirm their attendance via kfc@wananchi.com .


The Netherlands: Floriculture exports down in September


With a decline of 7% to € 371 million in September, the export value of flowers and plants from the Netherlands in the first quarter of the year declined to just over € 1 billion. The cumulative figures up to September increase by 4% to an export turnover of € 4.2 billion.

These are figures from the floricultural trade board HBAG in the Netherlands. With an increase of 5% to € 2.6 billion, flowers are doing better than plants. The export of plants increased by 2% to € 1.6 billion. September was a disappointing month for the export. This was the case for both cut flowers (-6% to € 227 million) and the pot and bedding plants (-7% to € 144 million).

Until September, the differences of the export developments per country are big. The export to Russia, the fifth export destination for Dutch exporters, went up by 33% to € 200 million. The destination with the most dramatic decrease in the top 15 was Czech Republic; the export went down by 15 percent to € 62 million.

In the top-5 countries, accounting for two-thirds of the export turnover, the export to France (-3% to € 489 million) and Italy (-6% to € 215 million) went down. To Spain, the flower and plant exports in September dropped by 23 percent, which is the result of the increase in VAT from 8% to 21%. There are rumors about a VAT increase in Germany.

For the whole of 2012, it is expected that the export of flower and plant will increase by 4% compared to 2011.

Source: Hortibiz



FloraHolland improves flower handling services

The ambition of the Dutch auction FloraHolland is to improve the market position of its members with its services. Floriculture production outside of Europe has increased tremendously in the past years and will continue to do so in the years to come.

The floriculture world is becoming more and more international, digital and virtual. In recent years, Flower Handling Services (FHS) has anticipated to these trends. However, in the changing market this must all be performed at an even higher pace, with more customization, greater flexibility and more simplicity. The competitive position of FHS has changed and it has begun to operate at a loss, which is why changes have become necessary. FHS wishes to adjust to the needs of the market in the areas of flexibility, customazed services, and cost structure and FloraHolland intends to take the following measures:

  • The operations of TFA Handling in Aalsmeer will be discontinued. FloraHolland wants to ensure continuity with its associated growers and together with them, FloraHolland will discuss suitable solutions.
  • FHS Naaldwijk and FHS Rijnsburg will continue to provide their services.
  • The following applies to FHS Naaldwijk and FHS Rijnsburg:
    1. We must treat the constantly fluctuating workload as flexibly as possible and reduce the costs per product unit. To do so, FHS will be outsourcing
    2. Trough the changes to the methods and arrangement of the workspace the efficiency will be improved

The Works Council will be asked to provide its recommendations on this adjustment to the organization.

At FHS Naaldwijk and FHS Rijnsburg, the changes will lead to a smaller and more flexible organization that is better able to meet the needs of their customers and the developments in the market. FHS has appointed quality support managers for its growers in Kenya and Ethiopia. We will be strengthening our Relationship management for our growers in Israel. Investments will be made in the services for international growers and buyers in the form of new handling machines. This will put us in a better position to be of service to FHS’ customers.

The partners BSI BV and Flower Chain Services BV will continue their services at the location Aalsmeer without change. This will allow FHS to provide high-level handling services to growers at all export locations, while remaining close to the marktet places.

Source: Hortibiz




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