February Issue 2 2013

EAC-EU EPA Negotiations update

The EAC-EU EPA Negotiations meetings were held in Mombasa, Kenya from 1st-7th February 2013. In preparation of the national positions a Stakeholder Preparatory Meeting was held on Tuesday 29th January 2013 at the Ministry of Trade. Kenya Flower Council (KFC) participated in the meetings.

The outstanding issues in the EAC-EU EPA negotiations include:

i.            Economic and Development Cooperation.

ii.            Agriculture

iii.            Institutional Arrangements, Dispute Settlement and Final Provision

iv.            Article 15 of FEPA – Export Taxes.

v.            Article 166 of FEPA – Most Favoured Nation (MFN) (In Conjunction with EAC proposed review of Article 4(D) 0f the FEPA)

vi.            Trade, Environment and Sustainable Development

vii.            New issues Submitted by the EU:

  • Good Governance in the Tax Area
  • Obligations/Consequences arising from Customs Union Agreement concluded with the EU.


Floricultural Wages Council meeting

The first inaugural meeting for the Floricultural Wages Council was held on 8th February 2013 at the Ministry of Labour headquarters.  The members of the council were appointed by the Minister for Labour Hon. John Munyes through a GAZETTE NOTICE NO. 17052 on the LABOUR INSTITUTIONS ACT (No. 12 of 2007).
They include:

  1. James W. Muthee –  (Chairperson)
  2. Irene Nyambura,
  3. Thomas Kipkemboi,
  4. Issa W. Wafula,
  5. Wesley K. Siele
  6. Jane Ngige
  7. Abisai Ambenge,
  8. Gordon F. O. Ogola
  9. Fidelis Mbagara
  10. Richard M. S. Mulwa,


Hivos Campaign on Protection and Compliance of Women Labour Rights in the Cut Flower Industry

In 2012, Hivos started the Women@Work Campaign to bring about decent work for women who earn their living in global production chains such as coffee, flowers and garments.  This was because relatively high numbers of women work in these sectors, and Hivos has long worked with Southern partners committed to working women’s rights.  The campaign will run up to 2016 and is focused on:

  1. Capacity development, specifically in the countries in East Africa and Central America where Hivos has regional offices,
  2. Advocating for the enforcement of women workers’ rights and for their economic empowerment as part of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and the implementation of Decent Work for women,
  3. Highlighting women’s work and the rights of women workers in the flower industry through consumer action calling for fair trade flowers.

Subsequently, three meetings have been held during the months of January and February 2013 arising from an outcry by the flower industry stakeholders on the misrepresentation of the Kenya Flower industry by the campaign. It was established that the campaign was based on biased and unfounded information.

The three meetings held:

  1.  On 30th January 2013 a meeting between Hivos, Flower industry stakeholders, KFC and representative of the Dutch embassy in Kenya was held at the Dutch Embassy.
  2. On 31st January 2013 visit to three flower farms at Naivasha by Hivos Regional Representatives accompanied by Agriculture Counsellor Mr. Hans Wolff, KFC Chair Man Mr. Richard Fox and KFC representatives.
  3.  A stakeholders meeting held on 1st February 2013 at the Hill Park Hotel.


East Africa Industry Stakeholders Meeting Held on 1st February 2013 at the Hill Park Hotel

The aim was to present the outcomes and recommendations for a strategy to protect and improve women labour rights.  Representation at the meeting was drawn from the flower growers, NGOs, Trade Unions, Ministry of Gender, Certification bodies, and  Flower Growers Associations.


EFSA publishes scientific opinions on floriculture

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has recently published several scientific opinions that are relevant to the floriculture sector. EFSA is an independent European agency funded by the EU budget that operates separately from the European Commission, European Parliament and EU Member States. They are based in Parma, Italy and its role is to assess and communicate on risks associated with food and feed safety, nutrition, animal health and welfare, plant protection and plant health.

A large part of EFSA’s work is undertaken in response to specific requests for scientific advice which are received from the European Commission, the European Parliament and EU Member States. EFSA also undertakes scientific work on its own initiative. More information is available on http://www.efsa.europa.eu/

Below are the opinions:


 The trade and global value chains initiative: working with businesses to improve livelihoods

The UK Secretary of State for Development, Rt. Hon Justine Greening, invited COLEACP, among other organizations such as the World Bank, and several retailers such as Marks & Spencer and Sainsbury’s, to attend the launch of the “Trade and Global Value Chains” initiative.

This unique partnership between government and the private will support communities involved in global value chains, by focusing on improving conditions, training and wages, as well as providing healthcare and education in worker’s local communities. The first project supported by the “TGVC” initiative will be a partnership between the Waitrose Foundation and the Department for International Development (DFID).

According to Justine Greening, “Trade plays a critical role in creating wealth and unlocking the potential of the world’s poorest countries. Many developing countries have the potential to be the growth markets of tomorrow and we are working with them to get there faster. Through this project, businesses can get involved in improving conditions in the developing countries that form a crucial part of their supply chains. This will develop skills, help build stronger economies and lead to more sustainable supply chains“.

COLEACP has welcomed the new approach. Since 2001, they have been working to support and strengthen the place of ACP horticultural producers and exporters in global value chains, and recognize the challenge they face. Now that retailers are involved in the chain, who will be next? Customers and NGO’s?

Dutch flower growers to increase their presence at “FlowersExpo’2013”

Successful participation of Dutch flower growers at “FlowersExpo’2012” will provide an opportunity to almost double the size of the National Pavilion of the Netherlands at the exhibition this year.

For the first time FloraHolland, the largest Dutch flower auction, will organize the National Dutch display in Russia. FloraHolland has many years of experience in organization of the annual exhibition of Dutch flower producers on its grounds in Aalsmeer.

The organizers estimate the display will take at least 700 square metre, which is especially important since 2013 is the Year of Russia in the Netherlands and the Netherlands in Russia.

Source: FlowerExpo organizers.

New freigthers and destinations for Emirates SkyCargo

Emirates SkyCargo has augmented its capacity with three new Boeing 777 Freighters – each capable of carrying up to 103 tonnes of cargo and expanded its freighter network to 12 destinations, including Eldoret in Kenya.

Other next destinations are Taipei (China), Chittagong (Bangladesh), Lilongwe (Malawi), Kabul (Afghanistan), Almaty (Kazakhstan), Gothenburg (Sweden), Zaragoza (Spain), Viracopos (Brazil), Tripoli (Libya), Djibouti (Somalia) and Liege (Belgium). Emirates<//a> is one of the world’s fastest growing international airlines. The purchases take SkyCargo’s freighter fleet up to 11 – including a 777F due to be delivered in March this year.

“As one of the largest air cargo carriers in the world, we continue to invest in our fleet and expand our route network, enabling us to provide our customers with even greater flexibility, increased frequencies, additional capacity to handle larger cargo volumes and charter flights,” says Ram Menen, SkyCargo’s divisional senior vice-president of cargo operations.

“Our dedicated freighter fleet, coupled with our cargo capacity on our passenger fleet of 185 wide-bodied aircraft that flies to 128 destinations in 74 countries, gives us extensive global reach and connectivity to the trade routes of the world.”


Coyne Airways launches African services

Coyne Airways has launched customer-focused services to over 30 destinations across Africa, through three of the Continent’s main hubs.
The airline has extensively trialed routes through Lagos, Nigeria, Nairobi, Kenya, and Johannesburg, South Africa, to create a comprehensive African service from virtually anywhere in the world.

“This is a new style of service for Africa, designed to give forwarders the kind of peace of mind they require when moving freight to challenging destinations,” said Michael Clements, Coyne’s Dubai-based Commercial Director, who has 15 years’ experience of working in Africa.

“We don’t just offer transportation from A to B, we work closely with customers to ensure that they always know where their shipments are.
“We are confident we can offer a superior service at a competitive price”.

Coyne’s African service will make use of over 30 interline partners and the airline’s own 575 through air waybill, which helps to reduce delays when moving freight on more than a single carrier.

The service will move consignments from the largest oil and gas equipment, to the smallest, most delicate, shipments. “Customer service is often lacking in Africa,” said Larry Coyne, CEO, Coyne Airways, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.

“The market is crying out for more than just point-to-point, and we are confident that we have the experience, network, and contacts on the ground to deliver excellent levels of service.”

“We can provide a tailor-made service with the full flow of automatic updates that Coyne is known for.” The African market presents exciting opportunities for both import and export, according to Clements.

“There is a lot coming out of Africa, and not just pineapples and roses. Beauty products, textiles, and handicrafts are increasingly being exported, and there is oil and gas equipment which needs to be returned.

“We can mobilize quickly to deal with those jobs.” Coyne Airways will be exhibiting at Air Cargo Africa 2013 on the 20th – 22nd February in Johannesburg, South Africa.


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