March Issue 4 2013


Developing a Carbon Reduction, Resources and Opportunities Toolkit for Kenya’s Flower Sector

Camco Advisory Services (Kenya) Limited (Camco) in collaboration with the Kenya Flower Council (KFC) and Horticultural Crops Development Authority (HCDA) will hold an inception workshop on “Developing a Carbon Reduction, Resources and Opportunities Toolkit (CARROT)  for Kenya’s Flower Sector workshop on Monday 25th March 2013 at the Fish Eagle Hotel in Naivasha.

Camco in collaboration KFC and HCDA have been contracted by the Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) to develop a CARROT for the floriculture sector to improve the flower sector’s competitiveness in view of the emerging climate change threats and opportunities. CaRROT will be the first sector specific carbon calculator, which will also provide practical and localized greenhouse gas (GHG), energy and water use accounting and management solutions that will enable sector stakeholders improve production efficiency.

Its key objectives are to:

(i)                 raise awareness on climate change and identify win-win opportunities that will enhance the sector’s productivity and competitiveness;

(ii)               develop a localized resources management tool that focuses on GHG emissions, energy and water use; and

(iii)             Develop self-regulating voluntary sector standards for GHG emissions and natural resources usage (including energy and water).





The Consumer Price Indices (CPI) increased by 0.71 per cent from 135.62 in January 2013 to 136.59 in February 2013 and the overall inflation rate stood at 4.45 per cent in February 2013.

This is according to Kenya National Bureau of Statistics generated using data collected during the second and third weeks of the month under review. Prices were obtained from selected retail outlets in 25 data collection zones located in 13 urban centers.

Between January and February 2013, Food and Non Alcoholic drinks’ index increased by

1.29 per cent. The increase, in the food index was a consequence of rises and falls in the average prices of various food items. Housing, Water, Electricity, Gas and Other fuels’ index went up by 0.39 per cent between January and February 2013. This increase is attributable to higher costs of house rents, kerosene and other cooking fuels which outweighed observed lower costs of Electricity.

Whereas fuel cost adjustment charges per KWh of electricity increased slightly, forex adjustment charges on the other hand, recorded decreases over the review period. As a result, the cost of consuming 50 KWh of electricity for instance, decreased further from KSh 568.00 in January 2013 to KSh 564.00 in February 2013.

The Transport index went up by 0.58 per cent over the same period due to higher costs of petrol, diesel taxi, and bus/ matatu fares. The slight decline in the communications’ index was attributed to some observed falls in airtime charges.

How about celebrating the Secretary’s Day 2013 in Kenya?

The Secretaries Day also known as Administrative Professionals’ Day or Admin Day will be observed on 24th April 2013.  Kenya has not been keen on celebrating the day which is meant to appreciate the support staff in the work places.

The Kenya Flower Council is working with the flower vendors on how the special day can be observed for the first time in Kenya come 24th April by way of giving flowers as gifts.  KFC is encouraging all the employers in Kenya to appreciate their secretaries and personal assistants a step that can play a great deal in improving their morale.


The creation of party for secretaries began in 1951 in the United States.   Mrs. Mary Barrett, president of the National Association of Secretaries of the United States (National Secretaries Association) and Mr. C. King Woodbridge, president of Dictaphone Corporation, were members of a special committee charged with finding solutions to the national shortage of qualified personnel office that prevailed at that time. With the help of a specialist in a major public relations firm (Young & Rubicam), Mr. Harry Klemfuss, they had the idea of developing a public awareness campaign, the Secretaries’ Week.

The first Secretaries’ Week was held from 1 to 7 June 1952. An important milestone in the history of the secretariat had taken place.

Both formal objectives that led to the creation of the Week secretaries were:

• recognize the contribution of the secretaries to the economy, since their skills, loyalty and efficiency allow businesses and government offices to be able to perform their daily activities;

• Attract attention with positive publicity on the immense potential of the career of secretary.

in France, the France’s Day Secretaries and Assistants  was initiated   in 1991, under the leadership of French subsidiaries of U.S., on the third Thursday of April. Since April 2005, the event has an impact Assist’expo even more important with the first National show for secretaries and assistant (s).

Modern celebration

Over the years, Administrative Professionals Week has become one of the largest workplace observances. The event is celebrated worldwide through community events, social gatherings, and individual corporate activities recognizing support staff with gifts such as flowers, candy, trinkets, lunch at a restaurant, or time off.

Other employers support the holiday by providing training opportunities for their administrative staff through continuing education, self-study materials, or seminars.


The Netherlands: Horti Fair not in Aalsmeer


The Horti Fair 2013 will not take place in Aalsmeer as announced last year. According to the Horti Fair organizers, it is impossible to realize a show in combination with FloraHolland.

While developing the plans, Horti Fair found there were too many financial and operational objections, making a successful organisation of the Horti Fair in 2013 together with the FloraHolland Trade Fair in Aalsmeer impossible to realise.

After the joint organisation of the Horti Fair and the FloraHolland Trade Fair had come in for positive reactions initially, the fact that part of the fair would be accommodated at a big tent met with growing criticism.

All in all, this made the Horti Fair management decide against the idea of the international trade fair taking place at the Flora Holland site in Aalsmeer.

Every attempt will be made to inform the relations and exhibitors about this decision.

The management has regretted the impossibility of organizing the 2013 fair in collaboration with FloraHolland for the reasons mentioned above.

The Horti Fair will be considering how its objective can still be met successfully, which is and will remain unchanged: strengthening and extending the Dutch and international position of the horticultural sector.



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