March Issue 5 2013

Import of Fresh Produce to the Republic Of South Korea


Following inquiries from Kenyan suppliers on market entry requirements for Kenyan horticultural produce to South Korea, the Kenya Embassy in Korea has obtained below information from the Animal, Plant and Fisheries Quarantine and Inspection Agency of the Republic of South Korea.

(i)    There is a ban on import of fresh produce into South Korea

(ii)  Fresh produce imports, including fruits and vegetables, must first undergo an Import Risk Analysis.

(iii) Flower imports are exempt from the pest risk analysis.

(iv)The importing country must request for lifting of the ban on the fresh produce imports, listing the commodities and associated pest risk and pest management information which will undergo review by the South Korean Government before approving the lifting of the ban. The process takes between three to five years.

(v)  There is no ban on processed fruits and vegetables imports to South Korea. Processed means either dried, fully steamed, soaked in salt, iced at less than 17.8 degrees Celsius or frozen.


Developing a Carbon Reduction, Resources and Opportunities Toolkit for Kenya’s Flower Sector workshop a success

Camco Advisory Services (Kenya) Limited (Camco) in collaboration with the Kenya Flower Council (KFC) and Horticultural Crops Development Authority (HCDA) held an inception workshop on “Developing a Carbon Reduction, Resources and Opportunities Toolkit (CARROT)  for Kenya’s Flower Sector on 25th March 2013 at a Naivasha Hotel.

In attendance were representatives from KFC, CDKN,  NEMA, KAM, KEBS, WWF, Scarab Solutions, Oserian, Nini, Aquilla, Vegpro, Finlays Horticulture, Mt. Elgon, Ol Njorowa, ‘Florensis, BASF, De Ruiter,  Penta Flowers, Wildfire, Bilashaka, Xpressions, Morop Flowers, Chemtura, Millenium Management Consultants, Waridi, Valentine Growers, Livewire, Groove Ltd., Kariki and Black Petals.

The purpose of CARROT project is to improve the flower sector’s competitiveness in view of the emerging climate change threats and opportunities. CaRROT will be the first sector specific carbon calculator, which will also provide practical and localized greenhouse gas (GHG), energy and water use accounting and management solutions that will enable sector stakeholders improve production efficiency.

Its key objectives are to:

(i)                raise awareness on climate change and identify win‐win opportunities that will enhance the sector’s productivity and competitiveness;

(ii)              develop a localized resources management tool that focuses on GHG emissions, energy and water use; and

(iii)            Develop self‐regulating voluntary sector standards for GHG emissions and natural resources usage (including energy and water).


Benefits and Opportunities

Some preliminary benefits and opportunities that would be available to the flower sector include:

  • Enhancing advisory services in carbon, energy and water management among KFC members and therefore reducing unit cost (i.e. services that could be procured externally).
  • Increasing water and energy efficiency within the production and supply chain to reduce costs.
  • Implementation of energy management measures could allow for joint energy generation projects (e.g. for self-use, supply to strategic clients and/or Kenya Power) thus increasing the economies of scale and attractiveness of such projects.
  • Enhancing your customer retention.
  • Creating internationally recognized voluntary standards differentiating Kenyan produce in international markets.


FSI is now FSI 2020

In their ambition for 2020 the Floriculture Sustainability Initiative (FSI) has integrated in their name “2020” to now be called FSI 2020. The initiative, hosted at the Union Fleurs office in Brussels will keep their website up to date with new events, activities, presentation slides and latest news and information. New and pending members will be communicated through their website

FSI hosted by the Kenyan Flower Council, will be in Kenya in June 2013 for the IFTEX 2013. The Kenya Flower Council will keep you updated on the same.

Jeroen Oudheusden the new FSI Executive Officer

Jeroen Oudheusden, is the new executive officer of FSI. Jeroen has over 19 years of experience in the floriculture industry. Previously, he held various management positions at the Aalsmeer Flower Auction and FloraHolland before he started working as management consultant. He also worked and lived in Japan and has an international network in the industry.



Further developments of PlantConnect

The direct trade department of the Dutch auction FloraHolland – PlantConnect – is developing rapidly.  PlantConnect is already the largest international trade platform for the plant sector, the link between growers and the trade.

On March 19, three improvements have been implemented, which are:

1. Filter offers
It is possible to filter the 36,000 supply lines generally on offer in PlantConnect. You read only the selected supply lines in your own software package.

2. New offers in Excel lay-out and different languages
From PlantConnect you can download supply lines to Excel to create lists of offers for your customers. Starting today, a standard ‘Offers lay-out’ is available in PlantConnect. The design fits exactly into one page including the photos and a photolink. You can also print or e-mail the offers. You can make changes in the list. This layout is available in Dutch, English, German and French.

3. Viewed scanned list of your fellow buyer
Products in the presentation areas of Connect in Naaldwijk and Aalsmeer are labelled with QR-codes. You can also scan the QR-codes at trade fairs and in the FloraHolland sample bus. Offers that you have scanned with the PlantScanner are collected in PlantConnect under ‘favourites’. It is now possible to also view what your colleague has scanned. You can use this information to target your offer to your customers or order directly via the webshop.

Source and photo: FloraHolland>Hortibiz

Tim Briercliffe appointed as Secretary General AIPH

Tim Briercliffe is now the new Secretary General of the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH). This full-time role results from an internal review of AIPH activity and was created to drive the growth of AIPH. The position will spearhead a new phase of activity focusing on meeting the needs of growers across the world.

Tim Briercliffe, based in Reading near London in the United Kingdom, will be responsible for working closely with the association’s members throughout the world to tackle common challenges facing the sector. Supporting the existing committees covering Marketing, Statistics, Novelty Protection, Green City, Environment and Plant Health, and Science and Education he will look to strengthen the impact of the association as the voice of the ornamental horticulture industry worldwide.

Tim Briercliffe joins AIPH with extensive experience within the industry having led sector committees, policy, science, certification schemes, market information, training and careers, events, communications and business improvement activities and initiatives, as Director of Business Development at the Horticultural Trades Association (HTA) in the UK for the last eight years. Prior to this he worked as a Senior Horticultural Consultant within ADAS, a major UK consultancy company. He has a horticulture degree from Reading University and has worked on nurseries in the UK and Canada.

Commenting on the appointment AIPH President Vic Krahn said “I am delighted to welcome Tim into AIPH and look forward to working closely with him. Tim has just the range of experience and expertise that we need to work with the members in developing and implementing a strategy for the future. There are many challenges facing ornamental horticulture that cross country boundaries and we are best tackling them together. I am delighted that AIPH is now resourced to tackle these challenges head-on. The work of approving and promoting horticultural exhibitions worldwide remains a key part of what AIPH does as we promote the sector to the world’s consumers.”

Briercliffe will operate from the HTA offices in the UK and Vic Krahn continued “I am particularly pleased that Tim will be based at the HTA offices and grateful for the support they are providing”.

Commenting on his appointment, Briercliffe said “I am looking forward to the opportunity to continue and develop the important work of AIPH. I have spent my career so far working with this industry and I am passionate about supporting the interests of growers and promoting the crucial role that plants play in the environment and society as a whole. It is great to have the opportunity to work on these issues at a global level. I look forward to meeting the members, understanding their needs and supporting them.”

Source: Hortibiz


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