1st Validation Workshop on Developing a CARROT

The first validation workshop on ’Developing a Carbon Reduction, Resources and Opportunities Toolkit for Kenya’s Flower Sector’ was held today May 9, 2013 at Nairobi.

Camco Advisory Services (Kenya) Limited (Camco) in collaboration with the Kenya Flower Council (KFC) and Horticultural Crops Development Authority are developing a CaRROT to strengthen the competiveness of Kenya’s flower sector in global markets, through developing a unified response to climate change mitigation, as well as practical and localized accounting and management solutions for greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions, energy

efficiency and water use. The main objectives are to develop a sectoral GHG management tool (i.e. CaRROT) and a self-regulating voluntary GHG management standards.

The agenda of the workshop was to validate the preliminary assessment of the flower industry to sector stakeholders and present Version 0 of the CaRROT.

Additionally, Camco shall use this opportunity to gather relevant information, feedback and concerns of the flower sector to inform the improvement of the toolkit. The workshop provided an excellent learning opportunity for the exchange of ideas amongst the participants.

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