EU notification on reproductive plant materials

The EU have sent out a draft Regulation through the European Parliament and of the Council on the production and making available on the market of plant reproductive material (plant reproductive material law) –The proposed draft regulation seeks to modernize, simplify and strengthen the legislation on marketing of plant reproductive material by repealing and replacing 12 Directives, most of which were adopted between 1966 and 1971 and which have since then been frequently and substantially amended.

While ensuring the health, identity and quality of plant reproductive material, it will provide simpler and more flexible rules for the marketing of seeds and other plant reproductive material with the aim to ensure their productivity, adaptability and diversity and to facilitate their trading. It also aims to enhance biodiversity. This draft regulation shall not apply to plant reproductive material intended solely for testing or scientific purposes or for breeding. It shall not apply to plant reproductive material intended for and to be maintained by gene banks, organizations and networks of conservation of genetic resources, or persons belonging to those organizations or networks. It shall also not apply to plant reproductive material exchanged in kind between persons other than professional operators.

The other draft regulation is on protective measures against pests of plants which is a new basic legislative act on plant health in the European Union with an objective to strengthen the protection of plants in the European Union against the risks posed by plant pests. The pests covered are regulated quarantine pests as well as regulated quality pests. General measures are set out on regulated pests and regulated commodities.

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