Progress on EAC-EU Economic partnership agreement

The EAC-EU EPAs discussions have been ongoing for a while now. The recent developments being a discussion between the Government and  Kenya Flower Council (KFC), Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA), Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM).  

The private sector reiterated the importance of concluding, signing and ratifying the EAC – EU EPAs especially for Kenya. The main reason being the fact that without EPAs the Kenya’s exports would no longer enjoy duty free quota free access into the EU market. The Private sector called for leadership to ensure the conclusion of the EPA negotiations and urged for the agreement to be finalized by July 2013. Private sector pointed out that although there is an opportunity to expand Kenya’s market share in the EU due to the growing population there and exploration of new and emerging markets, it would take time to develop the new markets and that there was need for Kenya to protect existing markets in the EU.

The Government reassured the Private sector that it was committed to grow the Kenya economy by double digit and was fully aware that this could not be realized without the Private Sector. The Government restated its willingness to, timely, do whatever it took to facilitate the Private sector.

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