Dutch “Young Experts Program on Water” (YEP)

Young Experts Program Water is managed be the Netherlands water partnership in the Hague, with an aim to allow young people to gain experience in the international water sector. There will be 2 rounds a year from 2013 to 2017. First round closes 11 July 2013 while the second round will be in October 2013. There are 25 places available for Dutch young experts and 25 for local (e.g. Kenyan) experts. These is open to 44 countries therefore competition will be quite stiff. Application requires a Dutch NGO, business or knowledge institute to apply, by submitting a project idea. Dutch young experts can apply through the website (need HBO/MSc level education and max 4 years work experience). Local young experts need to be recruited through the local programme. Placement is for 1 year Р2 years of which 2 years are preferred with a maximum of 5 Dutch experts and maximum of 3 local experts per project/company. The attach̩ must be additional to regular staff and be able to make an impact. The themes will be water management, drinking water and sanitation.

Further information: Contact person at the NWP are MarjonReiziger (m.reiziger@nwp.nl) and HuiberdienSweeris. Website: www.yepwater.nl in Dutch mainly, except of a small part on local experts. It will be translated to English later on.

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