GLOBALG.A.P. Capacity Building Training

GLOBALG.A.P. is offering a Capacity Building Training as a way of reaching out to experts involved in the implementation and operation of Good Agricultural Practice worldwide. Participants are mainly auditors and inspectors from certification bodies who audit GLOBALG.A.P. quality managers, technical advisors, consultants, Farm Assurer applicants, producers, suppliers and retailers as well as anyone who is interested in the GLOBALG.A.P.
These consist of a 2- or 3-day workshop based on crops, livestock or aquaculture and provide a general overview of:

  • The General Regulations, the rules of the GLOBALG.A.P. Certification System.
  • The Control Points and Compliance Criteria (CPCCs) for the respective standard.

These are the actual documents used by certification bodies during a GLOBALG.A.P. audit or inspection.
The workshops also provide focus classroom discussions, case studies, and detailed question and answer sessions to help participants understand how the GLOBALG.A.P. System applies in practice.GLOBALG.A.P related companies can also co-organize a Capacity Building Training and may also publish these on their websites. All training participants receive a certificate of attendance.In addition to regular Capacity Building Training, GLOBALG.A.P offer another practical day of on-farm training, which is followed by an obligatory examination.
Combined with this additional 1-day on-farm training, the regular Capacity Building Training becomes a “Farm Assurer Training”, and attendance is mandatory for participants who have applied to become GLOBALG.A.P Farm Assurers.More detailed information about the Farm Assurer Program and qualifications needed to become a licensed GLOBALG.A.P Farm Assurer is available at





Public Farm Assurer Training – Crops (F&V) – Spanish 10 – 12 September 2013 Spain/Almería Public Workshop
Public Farm Assurer Workshop – Crops (F&V) – Spanish 23 – 25 September 2013 Ecuador/Quito Public Workshop
Public Farm Assurer Training – Crops (F&V) – English 1 – 3 October 2013 Kenya/Thika Public Workshop
Public Farm Assurer Workshop – Crops (F&V) – Spanish 2 – 4 October 2013 Guatemala/Guatemala City Public Workshop
GLOBALG.A.P. Capacity Building and Farm Assurer Training, Livestock – English 22 – 25 October 2013 South Africa/Johannesburg (Centurion, Gauteng region) Public Workshop
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