Senate welcomes engagement with Kenya’s private sector

 The Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA)  where KFC is a member, held a consultative meeting with the Senate Departmental Committee chairs on October 15, 2013 at a Nairobi hotel to enhance mutual understanding on how the private sector and the Senate can work together on the legislative agenda.  The Chief Executive Mrs. Jane Ngige attended the meeting where she participated actively in the deliberations.

During the meeting convened to establish a framework for collaboration and identification of priority areas of engagement to support wealth and employment creation, the Speaker of the Senate, Hon. Ekwe Ethuro, emphasized the importance of strategic dialogue between the business community and the Senate.

He noted that engagement with KEPSA will provides room and opportunity for broadening stakeholder participation and articulation of a legislative agenda that is informed by key constituents.

KEPSA and the Senate committed to a framework for dialogue through mutual input on bills and other legislative items under consideration to ensure private sector issues were adequately represented.

KEPSA Chairman Mr. Vimal Shah, said the new governance structure of devolved government represented significant opportunity to build a robust and strong partnership with the Senate to help leverage the role of the private sector.

He emphasized on the need to create a framework that was able to respond to the emerging challenges of devolution through a stable, firm and predictable legislative agenda.

He added that the sector recognizes the need and importance for structured engagement between the private sector and the legislative arm of government to ensure laws enacted support and facilitate business enterprise and advance a competitive business environment. Further, he said, consultation will help develop and agree on the appropriate structures for a consistent and sustained engagement between the Senate and the private sector.

Committees are a replica/microcosm of whole House. Parliamentary committees enable:-

  • structured approach to the legislature’s  handling of its varied roles, goals and function;
  • Enables the House to make informed decisions
  • Enriches quality of debates in the plenary
  • Facilitates parliamentary oversight of government activities more effectively;
  • Provides a conducive atmosphere for members  to build and utilize their expertise/skills
  • Allows Public engagement in the legislative business
  • Members to participate in a detailed manner in the fulfillment of the core functions of parliament;
  • Enhances members knowledge in management of public affairs
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