Stokman Rozen now fully owned by Mavuno Investment Group

The Mavuno Investment Group has expanded its strategic position in the agricultural and mavunofloriculture sectors by acquiring the minority equity in Stokman Rozen Kenya to add to its majority ownership of the company.

Now a wholly owned subsidiary of the Mavuno Investment Group, the lead plant propagator in East Africa will benefit from the vision and philosophy that drives the group.

Stokman will provide continuity in the development of agriculture and floriculture plant supply to growers and governments across East Africa. The company was established more than 20 years ago and has been the driving force behind a number of initiatives in rose production and food security on the African continent. It has a workforce of more than 200 people, operating from one production hub in Kenya. There will be no change in the operational management of Stokman.

Mavuno is proud that its enterprises have become “global brands”, in some cases “super brands” and that they have all been recognized as models of excellence in their field. The group applies a demanding focus on its corporate, social and environmental responsibilities, ensuring the sustainability of the enterprises and therefore the livelihoods of its people.

The group is made up of diverse entities some of which were established more than 30 years ago with interests in farming (producing, sourcing, supplying and trading in fresh cut flowers and vegetables). The group’s enterprises include agriculture, geothermal energy, travel and tourism as well as real estate and engineering. They have employed over 5,000 people working or trading some 60 markets worldwide

The Oserian Development Company, a member of the group, has become one of the largest and leading floriculture producers in the world. This is directly attributable to the group’s vision and philosophy. Oserian is particularly well known in Kenya’s agricultural sector for its “fairtrade”, corporate social responsibility and environmental programs.

Mavuno have developed one of the few privately owned geothermal energy sources and are unique in this regard in the agricultural sector.

In April 2011, the Mavuno and the Dutch Flower Group announced that their respective enterprises were “connected” through a close cooperation and association. The synergy between the two has strengthened the latters’ procurement base regionally but more specifically in Kenya. This strategic alliance has enhanced both companies, resulting in more sustainable consumer value to the European retail sector, from source to consumer.

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