KENTRADE instigate operationalization of Kenya Single window

Kenya Trade Network Agency (KENTRADE) has commenced the operationalization of the Kenya National Electronic Single Window System (KNESWS). Accordingly, KENTRADE is in the process of seeking a consultant to facilitate this initiative. When fully implemented, KNESWS will serve as a Single electronic platform for submission of trade related documents to fulfill all imports, exports and transit regulatory requirements and to facilitate international trade transactions.

Kenya Trade Network Agency (KENTRADE) was established in 2011. It is a state Agency under the National Treasury that is mandated to facilitate cross border trade and establish, manage and implement the National Electronic Single Window System.

In 2005, UN/CEFACT through its Recommendation Number 33, recommended to Governments and traders for the establishment of a “Single Window”, whereby trade-related information and/or documents need only be submitted once at a single entry point to fulfill all import, export, and transit-elated regulatory requirements. The Recommendation also suggests that participating authorities and agencies should co-ordinate their respective controls through the Single Window and should consider providing facilities for payment of relevant duties, taxes and fees.

A Single Window is a facility that requires only a single submission of trade information to multiple agencies serving the following functions; Collection of trade statistics, taxes / duties, and enforcing controls laid down by domestic policies and international agreements.

The world’s first single window was set in Singapore in 1989. Mauritius launched the single window operation in 1994. By 2012, 49 countries around the world had reported the implementation of Single Window Systems of varying complexity such as a single authority, a single system or an automated system. Rwanda is the only EAC country that has a working single window.


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