Implementation of national agribusiness strategy workshop

The Kenya flower council participated in the rolling out the implementation of the agribusiness strategy spearheaded by the Ministry of the Agriculture under the Agricultural sector coordination unit.

The strategy intends to bring about a highly productive and efficient agribusiness sector, competitive both locally and internationally. These  is mainly through removing barriers and creating incentives for the private sector to invest in agribusiness and related business opportunities; invest public resources more strategically to trigger growth in agribusiness; make agribusiness systems more competitive, easily adaptable in order to deal with dynamic markets and the opportunities; establish institutional frameworks, which enable all actors to utilize market opportunities.

The Kenya vision 2030, which focuses the country towards attaining “a globally competitive and prosperous country with a high quality of life”, has re-affirmed that agricultural sector is the backbone of Kenya’s economy and the means of livelihood for most of the rural population. The vision has therefore, identified agriculture as one of the key sectors to deliver the 10 percent annual economic growth rate envisaged under the economic pillar. This is because sustained agricultural growth is critical for uplifting the living standards as well as generating rapid economic growth.

In line with the Kenya Vision 2030, the Agriculture Sector Development Strategy (ASDS 2010-2020) has prioritized attainment of “a food secure and prosperous nation” through transformation of Kenya’s agriculture into a profitable, commercially oriented, regionally and internationally competitive economic activity that provides high quality gainful employment. One of the key strategic thrusts of the Strategy is to increase productivity, commercialization and competitiveness of agricultural commodities and enterprises.

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