Meeting with the Director of Immigration Services Ms. Jane Waikenda

The private sector today held a meeting with the Director of Immigration Services, Ms. Jane Waikenda to clear the air on the immigration policies and regulations including issuance of work permits. The Kenya Flower Council attended the meeting. Chaired by KEPSA chairman Mr. Vimal Chah, the sector engaged the immigration officials following the recent review of the immigration laws.

Investors have been experiencing delays in the issuance of work as a result of the audits being done by the immigration department to streamline the system creating a huge backlog. The Director stated that the load will be cleared in the next one month. She reported that department has set up a tracking desk for tacking purposes.

Ms. Waikenda dismissed the media reports on the Kenyanization policy saying they are in cognizance of the fact that Kenya needs investors hence they don’t intend to lock them out.

In regard to 2 years limit, she said it only applies to class D although most of the times it’s the organization that apply for 2 years hence can even apply for 3 years.  She urged the applicants of the work permits to always include all the details required for a clear understanding by the immigration officers.

In regard to investors showing proof of Kshs 50 million, to get a permit this may not always apply to the existing investors who are applying for renewal.

The director also agreed to have a representative from the private sector in the immigration department.

The KFC also attended the Interior and Coordination Ministerial stakeholders’ forum to discuss issues of security. In regard to national community policing, a policy is being developed to define partnerships, community resources, best practices, inter agency coordination including NGOs.

Currently there is a national and county police service and this is a challenge since the policy and legal framework is not very clear and in this regard a policy is being developed to define the functions, coordination and cooperation.

The proposed security bill will be availed for the stakeholders to give their inputs.

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