CPI and inflation rates for January 2014

Kenya National Bureau of Statistics has released the Consumer Price Indices (CPI) and rates of inflation for January 2014. The numbers were generated using data collected during the second and third weeks of the January. The prices were obtained from selected retail outlets in 25 data collection zones located in 13 urban centers.

The CPI increased by 1.08 per cent from 143.85 in December 2013 to 145.40 in January 2014. The overall inflation rate stood at 7.21 percent in January 2014.

During the month of January 2014, Food and Non Alcoholic drinks’ Index increased by 1.00 per cent. Increases in some food prices outweighed falls, resulting in an aggregate rise in the index.

Between December 2013 and January 2014, the Housing, Water, electricity, Gas and Other Fuels’ index, increased by 0.87 per cent. This is mainly attributed to increases in cost of house rents as well as rises in the prices of common cooking fuels.

During the month, a slight increase in forex adjustment charges was recorded and this caused an upsurge in the cost of electricity compared to last month. Transport index increased by 1.95 per cent over the review period, mainly due to higher prices of petrol, diesel, parking charges as well as public transport fares.

Notable also, the Recreation & Culture Index rose during the same period. This is mainly attributed to the rise in the cost of text books (classified under this category). Further, observed rises in tuition fees pushed the education index upwards in the review period.

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