Private sector holds a meeting with Nairobi County CEC Trade

Members of the KEPSA Trade Sector Board held a meeting with the Nairobi County Executive for Trade, Industrialization, Cooperative Development and Tourism, Ms. Anna Othoro. The meeting held at her office discussed among other things how to enhance the quality of private sector’s participation in Nairobi County policy making process through KEPSA and BMOs.

Private Sector participation in policy making process the past has not been very effective due to poor response by the private sector. This was highlighted by the outcry due to the enhanced rates and charges in Nairobi County effected recently.

Ms. Othoro reiterated her readiness and open door to facilitate for dialogue on matters affecting trade within Nairobi County through her office, the county assembly committee on trade and other forums. She encouraged the private sector to participate in the ongoing Nairobi Integrated Urban Development Master Plan and the Trade Act.

KFC is a member of the KEPSA Trade Sector Board.

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