EAC EU EPA: Meeting with the National Assembly Committees

The Kenya Flower Council together with Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) held a meeting with the members of three Kenya National Assembly committees on February 27, 2014 to deliberate the future of Kenyan exports to the EU in light of the on-going   EU – EAC Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) negotiations. The committees included:

1.         Defense and Foreign Relations Committee;

2.         Agriculture, Livestock and Cooperatives Committee and

3.         Finance, Planning and Trade Committee

The Members of Parliament were taken through what EPA is, the status, challenges and what is at stake. The MPs agreed on the need to encourage the Governments to have a single position when going for the negotiations focusing and understanding that it is about trade which is key to Kenya’s economy. They said the EPA issue needs to be amplified since it can be a major blow to the country.

They reiterated their support to push the relevant parties before the March meeting.  The Members of the committees agreed to hold a meeting with the stakeholders before the March meeting where the relevant Ministries will be invited to give the status and also agree on the way forward.

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