EAC EU EPA: Meeting with the Senate Committees

The Kenya Flower Council together with Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) held a meeting with the members of three Senate committees to update, solicit support for the conclusion of the outstanding issues in the EAC EU EPA negotiations and discuss the ratification process after the EAC Agreement is signed. The committees included:

1.            The National Security and Foreign Relations committee;

2.            Agriculture, Land and Natural Resources committee and

3.            Finance, Commerce and Economic Affairs Committee

The Senators reiterated their support to push on the conclusion of the negotiations and will engage the Government along with other leaders.  Going forward Senators present agreed to hold a joint meeting with mirror the committees of National Assembly, the relevant cabinet secretaries and experts on EPA to discuss challenges that stand in the way of concluding the matter, ahead of the next round of talks. This meeting will take place in the first week of March 2014.

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