EAC EU EPA negotiation meetings postponed

The EAC EU Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) negotiation meeting scheduled for 10th to 14th March 2014 in Kigali has been postponed to 24th to 27th March in Nairobi Kenya. This follows a request by Burundi to postpone the meeting due to the unavailability of the EPA Experts and the Permanent Secretary from the Ministry responsible for trade on the said dates.


  1. Rules of Origin
    1. EU proposed texts on cumulation and asymmetry
    2. Outstanding product specific rules
    3. EU’s proposals on Domestic Support and Export Subsidies.

The deadline to sign and ratify the EAC EU Economic Partnership agreement is October first 2014. If this stumbles Kenya faces grave risks of loosing its market share to other flower producing countries like Ethiopia, Ecuador, Columbia among others. This also applies to other products like fruits, vegetables, fish, tobacco, beverages and others.

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