Consultative exporters forum on rejuvenation of export performance

The export promotion council (EPC) in collaboration with Ministry of East African Affairs, Commerce and Tourism held a consultative exporters forum on the rejuvenation of performance of Kenya’s exports on June 13, 2014 at a Nairobi Hotel. The Kenya Flower Council attended the forum.

EPC engaged Strategic Business Advisers (Africa) Ltd to critically evaluate the Kenya Exports sector. Form their report Kenya should accelerate exports through a two pronged approach, a regional market and global market strategy.

The regional market, Kenya’s strategy should focus on deepening integration.    Kenya is already the dominant exporter among the EAC partners as well as with all of COMESA trading partners other than Egypt.  An exclusive focus on exports is likely to heighten the concerns about Kenya’s large trade surpluses with the regional partners, particularly in the EAC.  Thus, rather than promoting exports in the region, the focus should be on increased trade and investment within the context of a single market.With regard to the global market, the strategy should focus on technology services and agricultural exports.  Kenya

should continue to pursue exporting manufactures, particularly garments to the global market.  However, the focus should shift from mass market low value goods to high end and niche products.

For the horticulture Industry which has experienced stagnating demand, there has also competition increase and supply constraint in domestic market

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