KFC participates in the first Global Green Growth Forum (3GF) held in Nairobi.

The Kenya Flower Council joined the delegates in the Global Green Growth Forum (3GF) first conference held in Kenya on June 26, 2014. Kenya has been a partner country in the 3GF since 2011 and has been participating in the summits for the last 3 years. The aim was to scale up the Partnership from conference to actual Public private partnerships (PPP) activities on the ground that could provide experiences to be replicated elsewhere in the region, Africa and possibly the rest of the world. In light of this, a Kenya 3GF working group has been established with five sub-units focusing on the PPP tracts in the interest of Kenya:

  • Water resources management the water energy nexus
  • Green off-grid energy solutions
  • Partnership and Technology to transform Food Production
  • Harnessing innovation to unlock financial flows for restoration
  • Water Leakage network

These initiatives are spearheaded by both the private and public sectors in Kenya together with the Danish government.

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