EAC EU EPA negotiations update

The Kenya Flower Council attended a consultative meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade in preparation for Joint EAC – EU EPA negotiations senior officials meeting scheduled to take place next week on 21st – 23st July 2014 in Kigali, Rwanda.

The outstanding issues are:

  • Export taxes
  • Domestic support and export subsidies under agriculture
  • Relation with the Cocotonou Agreement (No-execution Clause)
  • Good governance on tax matters and
  • Consequences from customs Union agreements signed with Turkey.

The meeting is expected to consider the above outstanding issues to a conclusion and pave way for the Joint Ministerial meeting.  The joint Ministerial meeting will be scheduled depending on the outcome of the Kigali meeting and the availability of the EU.

We will keep you updated on the outcome of the Kigali meeting as soon as it is concluded.

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