New Import Restrictions By EU on Fresh Produce from Kenya Due to Presence of Harmful Organisms/Pests

The EU has expressed concern that since 2011, high presence of harmful organisms in fresh vegetable and fruits exported to the EU have been noticed despite notification to the Kenyan Authorities. Five commodities are mainly affected, namely, Gourds, Basil, Gypsophia, Mango and Eryngium

To forestall imposition of safeguard measures by the European Commission, KEPHIS the National Plant Protection Organisation (NPPO) held a meeting with growers on 16th July 2014 to identify and plan domestic remedial measures on the target fresh products destined to the EU market.

Growers understood that if no major improvements are realized by 30th September 2014, the EU will take the necessary action which will be difficult to reverse once imposed.

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