Climate Change Policy and Bill-Private sector forum

Kenya Flower Council on July 23, 2014 participated in a workshop organized by the Ministry of Environment, Water and Natural Resources in partnership with the Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM), Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) and Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC to sensitize and gather inputs from the private sector on the draft Climate Change Policy and Bill.

The Ministry of Environment, Water and Natural Resources is coordinating the development of a Climate Change Policy and Bill to enhance effective response to climate change.  A multi-stakeholder National taskforce has been established by the Ministry to spearhead the process.  A draft Climate Change Framework Policy is, as a result, in place.  Draft inputs into the draft Climate Change Bill have also been prepared after which it will be presented to parliament for discussion.

The impacts of climate change cut across diverse aspects of society, including the economy and environment. The extent and diverse nature of climate change impacts requires recognition and management of climate change as a threat to sustainable development and demonstrates the need for an integrated policy response mechanism. The national response to the impacts of climate change must therefore be guided by a coherent and coordinated regulatory framework. Climate change is not a problem of environmental management alone, and various sectoral laws, policies and institutional mandates should be harmonized in order to incorporate or mainstream climate change into their functions.

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