EAC EU update and FAQs: EU GSP duties on imports of Kenyan cut flowers to be expected from October 1, 2014

Given the stalemate between the EAC and EU on the EPA, there is an urgent need for exporters to on one hand, continue high level Government engagement to urgent urge conclusion of the negotiations and on the other, press on for safeguards against the GSP tariffs.  At the same time ensure that there is adequate facilitation with exports’ documentation.

To do this efficiently the Kenya Flower Council has engaged a consultant, working closely with KAM FPEAK AFIPEK, to provide technical assistance on the necessary action to hasten conclusion of the EPA as EAC or as Kenya on its own. Further consolidate measures to be demanded from Government to avoid trade disruption and business losses over the interim period.

This objective will be achieved through compilation of technical input for private sector/government engagement at the highest level. We will keep you informed of developments as they unfold.

For your information please find links below on details of responses to various frequently asked questions received from the Union Fleurs, where the KFC Chairman is the Vice President and represents the Kenya Flower Industry.




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