A National Workshop on the NMC Revised Kenya Standard 1758

The Kenya Flower Council held a National Workshop to review the revised Kenya Standard 1758 (with specific reference to Cut flowers and Ornamentals) under the National Mechanism for Industry-wide compliance (NMC) project.

NMC is spearheaded by Kenya Flower Council to support the Kenya Flower Industry in assuring sustained access to international markets, by developing and implementing a national system for industry-wide compliance with the existing regulatory framework without introducing new burdens on the sub sector. At the same time, bearing in mind that the function of regulation and marketing has been devolved to the counties while the Ministry retains the policy and capacity building portfolio under the new governance dispensation.

The project is motivated by consistent reports and concerns raised by various stakeholders that more work on assurance of compliance needs to be done, amidst a myriad of both public and private tools governing the regulation of the cut flower industry in the realm of labour standards, protection and stewardship of natural resources

Following the presentation of the standard on revised standard, it was agreed that all the players in the value chain (breeders, propagators, consolidators, shippers and Cargo handlers) be given a two weeks timeline to input into the document. September 16, 2014 was proposed as the date for the next meeting to give feedback.

In addition to the standard, the participants were informed of the proposed institutional framework for NMC that is envisaged to ensure effective implementation of the revised KS 1758. A public-private partnership (PPP) model was proposed which takes cognizance of the current operating conditions in the industry; amalgamate them without adding any further burden to the industry. The model covers the whole flower industry value chain players.

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