To reply to the growing number of questions Union Fleurs (UF) have been receiving regarding the impact on ornamental products other than cut flowers of the change in tariff situation for imports from Kenya into the EU as of 1 October 2014, they have put together a table, which covers not only cut flowers but also other floricultural / ornamental products such as young plants and cut foliage.

This table is meant to provide a complete overview for the relevant ornamental / floriculture products imported from Kenya. If information is needed for additional products of Chapter 06 CN codes that are not included in this table, please contact the Union Fleurs office.

The loss of duty-free market access to the EU for Kenya as of 1 October 2014 is now an established fact that can no longer be avoided.  This was again confirmed to Union Fleurs by first-hand high-level sources in the EU Commission this week. Efforts are however relentlessly continuing on both sides to promote a swift conclusion of the EU- EAC EPA negotiations. A successful conclusion of these negotiations as soon as possible is crucial in order to secure the shortest period of time between 1 October and the re-instatement of Kenya’s duty-free access  to the EU after the EPA will have been signed and all the necessary internal legal procedures completed (which require a certain time).

The EU Regulation required to ensure that Kenya can at least benefit from the EU GSP preferential import duties as of 1 October 2014 has been issued by the European Commission on 22 July and transmitted to the European Parliament and Council. UF sources in the EU institutions indicate that things are proceeding smoothly and they are confident that the 2 months scrutiny process will not be obstructed by the European Parliament or Council.  The EU internal legal procedure will be formally completed by 21 September. Publication of this EU Regulation in the EU Official Journal is therefore expected from 22 September and (hopefully) before 1 October. Only with this publication will the GSP tariffs be formally granted to Kenya and incorporated into the official EU TARIC database (the integrated customs tariff database of the EU). Union Fleurs is urging the EU Commission to ensure that every effort will be made on their side to publish the GSP Regulation on time before 1 October.  UF will give further information on this matter.

Finally UF are also preparing an updated version of the FAQs that they issued a few weeks ago in order to incorporate additional questions that have been brought to them.

Source: Union Fleurs

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