Exporters to EU to use GSP certificate of origin from October 1st

With effect from 1st October 2014, exports to the EU will require a GSP certificate of origin and not a EUR 1 certificate as it is now. The publication of the EU Regulation granting GSP beneficiary status to Kenya in the EU Official Journal is expected soon.

Most Kenyan agricultural exports will be subjected to the GSP tariffs. For flowers only carnations will benefit from a 0% tarrif-line.  The export products will have to be accompanied by a ‘GSP Form A’ certificate of origin instead of the EURO1 form. In addition exporters must also submit the following documents: Commercial invoice, customs value declaration, freight documents, freight insurance, packing list and single administrative document. The documents can be downloaded from the export helpdesk website http://exporthelp.europa.eu/thdapp/index.htm.

On the other hand, the Kenya Flower Council ( KFC) has already written to  Kenya Revenue Authority ( KRA) to inform them of the expected increase in demand for the GSP forms where they have assured that they have adequate GSP forms available at Forodha House ready for collection.

KFC is however making all efforts to upraise them of the subsequent demand levels to ensure that no shortage will be experienced.

More importantly exporters, have been urged to acquaint themselves with the ‘GSP form A’ to avoid interceptions as a result of documentation errors. It’s in record that 52% of all interceptions to the EU are as a result of documentation problems.

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