Imarisha Naivasha Annual Conference

Kenya flower council participated in the Imarisha Naivasha 3rd annual conference under the theme resources management for sustainable development. The conference brought together various stakeholders working in Lake Naivasha basin to achieve Sustainable Development Action Plan (SDAP) under Imarisha Naivasha which are;

1. Lake Naivasha ecosystem and Riparian Zones protected and managed according to “wise use” principles and demonstrating measurable ecosystem restoration and resilience

2. Land use and management in the catchment contribute to sustainable development and climate change resilience.

3. Enhancing Water resource institutions and mechanisms to regulate water use, improve community access to clean water and sewerage

4. Imarisha Naivasha recognized and functioning effectively as the coordinating institution for Lake Naivasha Basin restoration, wise use and sustainable development

Under the Integrated Water Resource Allocation plan program, a project spearheaded by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Kenya Flower Council is implementing one key activity that is geared towards increasing sustainable production and good stewardship in Lake Naivasha Basin, through development and adoption of national watershed standards and certification.

Lake Naivasha is a wetland of national and international importance. However, it is under constant anthropogenic pressures, which include the quest for socioeconomic development within the lake ecosystem itself as well as other activities within the catchment. In this regard, there is need to develop resource management strategies to ensure sustainability.

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