Floriculture Wages Council Meeting

The Floriculture Wages Council held their fourth meeting on 26 and 27 November 2014 in Nakuru.  The Council has a ready draft wage order and member will be called upon soon to a validation meeting before it is presented to the Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Labour Social, Security and Services.

The council was formed after a successful lobbying by the Kenya Flower Council in collaboration with, FKE, AEA and all other kindred organizations following the Mututho bill by the Minister in accordance with section 43 of the Labour Relations Act 2007. The Minister established the Council by Notice through Kenya Gazette No. 17052 of 26th November 2012. The Council is supposed to review the general wage order and formulate one specifically for the flowers industry.

Its membership is drawn from KFC, AEA, labour Commission, trade unions and independent professionals.

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