Presidential Round Table (PRT)

The Presidential Round Table (PRT) is structured to meet twice a year May and November to plan for the following year and to review progress for the year including budget changes needed for the next half year. 

This year, two PRTs have been held. The February one focused a lot on the ease of doing business after sharing with the President that Kenya was sliding downwards in the last couple of years to number 129 out of 189 countries in 2013. The May PRT was different as it was a luncheon to showcase progress made since February but also to host the 400 business leaders to understand what goes on behind closed doors between the leadership of KEPSA and the Cabinet during PRT sessions. This was an eye opener for many business leaders and we received a lot of goodwill in the process from the private sector.


The 3rd PRT is scheduled to take place on December 5, 2014 at Statehouse and Kenya Flower Council will be represented. We will keep you updated on the outcome.

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