The Kenya Revenue Authority, KRA, intends to station officers involved in the processing of GSP and Euro 1 Certificates of origin at the JKIA. The move comes in the wake of a new directive from KRA requiring that 100% of the details be filled in before the GSP Form A and Euro-1 are stamped and signed for endorsement. The directive aims at streamlining KRA’s processing of GSP forms to the requirements of article 15 of Market Access Regulation 1528/2007.Currently, the processing officers are base at the KRA town offices.

After a series of lobby activities, KRA graciously offered a window of extension before the new directive is enforced until the officers are stationed at JKIA. This is informed by the fact that some of the details required can only be obtained at the last stage of processing a shipment. This means that shipments prepared during the late afternoon, weekends and public holidays would either have to wait or be shipped without the Certificates of origin as KRA offices would be closed.  Exports not accompanied by the certificates of origin are subjected to full MFN import duties in the EU.

As Kenya Flower Council, we welcome KRA’s move to station officers at JKIA at it further enhances KRA’s mandate of facilitating business.

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