Signing and stamping of EUR-1 and GSP forms to be done at JKIA for fresh produce exporters

The Kenya Revenue Authority will from the 1st of February 2015 move the stamping and signing of the GSP and Eur-1 forms to the Kenya Airways Export Shed at JKIA. In a letter to the Kenya Flower Council, KRA says this will affect exporters of flowers and other fresh produce only. The move will greatly reduce the current difficulties that exporters of fresh produce go through to have their forms endorsed.

Going forward, fresh produce exporters will buy the forms in blank from KRA Forodha House offices. The form will be filled in 100% before it is presented to KRA officers at JKIA for endorsement. Previously, it was not possible to fill in 100% of the details before endorsement as fresh produce shipments are prepared on the day of export, usually in the afternoon and early evening by when the KRA town offices will be closed.  Further KRA town offices are not open during weekend s and public holidays.

Instead exporters have had to provide basic shipment details and have the forms stamped and dated in advance meaning the date of endorsement and the date of export would be different. This process had created a problem with some EU Customs authorities resulting in rejection of GSP and Eur-1 forms. As a result, such shipments have been subjected to hefty GSP import duties.

As the Kenya Flower Council, we welcome this development which comes after sustained lobby efforts and we thank our members through this process.


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