Syngenta launches a new Nematicide “TERVIGOTM” for flowers

Syngenta East Africa Ltd. An associate Member of Kenya Flower Council held a successful launch of a new nematicide for flowers TervigoTM on February 17, 2015.   KFC was represented as the chief guest in this auspicious occasion which was attended by flower growers and other service providers for the industry.

Loise Mukami a Lead auditor at KFC, said the launch of Tervigo Nematicide could not have come at a more opportune moment than this for the Industry. Growers yearn to obtain quality Nematicides that can be integrated with IPM; to meet the ever stringent market requirements on safety and environment protection, amongst others.

She commended Syngenta E.A. for working hard on this area to provide growers with successful and efficient products to control pests and diseases.

She added that for Kenya to reap the benefits of a favourable climatic environment and availability of natural resources complimented by a healthy and productive work force, growers will need partners to innovate value added products, services, technology and knowledge to enhance productivity for sustainability.

Through the research findings presented during the launch, TervigoTM has proven activity against a variety of destructive nematodes in ornamental crops.  The unique chelated formulation ensures effective protection of the active ingredient for optimal soil penetration and contact with nematodes leading to more vigorous and higher yielding crop.

TervigoTM is a suspension concentrate (SC) containing 20g/L abamectin with the addition of an iron chelate Fe-EDDHA 400g/L.  Abamectin as an active ingredient provides effective control of nematodes, while the iron chelate is a micro fertilizer that provides crop enhancement effects especially in alkaline soils.

For more information on the product, kindly contact Mr. Victor Juma of Syngenta at

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