Update of FSI project

A project on Capacity for smallholder farmers to access international markets is on course and progressing well. The 18 Months project funded by FSI through IDH targets between 100 and 150 small holder farmers in groups of 10 to 15 for training in readiness for group certification audits and finally linking them with markets.

KFC has   already engaged a consultant to carry out the baseline survey on the same.  Contact with targeted smallholder groups has been made and key contact persons identified.  The tools for the baseline survey have been developed and are going through an evaluation process. The review of the KFC QMS to accommodate group certification has been completed and updating of the smallholder code of practice to facilitate trial audits is almost complete.

The next line of activities will be to complete the baseline survey, train smallholders in readiness for certification audits, train KFC auditors to build the necessary capacity to conduct group certification audits, commence trial audits and review findings, conduct group certifications, and finally organize B2B meetings for market linkage.

Interim findings are that there is a huge potential and interest for growing the smallholder portfolio of Kenyan products. However it is key that market linkage also take into account an element of cushioning growers in seasons of low prices, which is a big challenge.

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