Training on the Reviewed & Updated KS 1758 KICKS OFF

The first training on the reviewed and updated KS 1758 took place on MaRCH 19, 2015 in Naivasha.  The trainings are a component of the National Mechanism for Compliance project which seeks to review and update the KS-1758 flowers and ornamentals standard. They are organized and facilitated by the Kenya Flower Council with funding support of the Dutch Government’s foreign development agency, NLV .  WITH AN objective to sensitize the players along the flower value chain in advance about the requirements of the reviewed and updated KS-1758.

It was attended by representatives from the farms growing flowers in Naivasha, Government line Ministries including the National Environmental Authority (NEMA), Kenya Plant and Animal Health Inspectorate (KEPHIS), Department of Health and Safety Services (DOHSS).

According to the CEO, KFC,   KS 1758 will be a tool for the National Mechanism for compliance that will ensure a level playing field for all players in the Kenya flower value chain and ensure sustainability and market access.  It is therefore significant that everyone in the industry is conversant with the requirements.

Asked to comment on the benefit of the training, a participant said, “The training has come at the right time when we are faced with numerous environmental challenges and lack of enough personnel to address them.  If the players adhere to the standard, it will make our work very easy.”

A human resource officer at the function said, “We are glad that Kenya Flower Council has organized this seminar.  We have gotten insights into what should be happening now going forward in terms of compliance.  We have learnt that there will be better coordination of the bodies that come to regulate us.  I have realized that now we have to be more thorough with our employment laws, we have to put irrigation plans in place to ensure we conserve water and use it sustainably; we need to be more keen on health and safety. For example we have fire extinguishers but no one knows how to use them.  The standard clearly raises all these issues and the need to observe them.”

KS 1758 is a quality assurance management system domiciled at KEBS and will be implemented by a competent body comprising representatives from all stakeholders.  The team will be based at the Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (KEPHIS).  It is designed to assure quality in the horticulture industry.  Its adoption will guarantee sustainability of the flower industry and secure access to international markets.

The Kenya Flower Council has been working on a National Mechanism for industry wide compliance throughout the Kenya flower value chain. This initiative has seen through a review and update of the KS-1758 flowers and ornamentals which recently went through the KEBS technical committee review. The next stage is the public review before the standard is adopted.

KFC has planned 5 regional trainings as follows;

Region Date Venue
Naivasha 19th March 2015 Fish Eagle Inn
Nakuru 20th March 2015 Milele Resort
Thika 25th March 2015  Coconut Grill
Athi 26th March 2015 Maanzoni Lodge
Mt. Kenya 30th March 2015 Sportsmans Arms Hotel
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