EUROPHYT notifications February 2015 & Non EU Trade Alert List

Below are the EUROPHYT notifications  and Non –EU trade alert list as received from the Union Fleurs where the Kenya Flower Council is a Member.

 Report on EUROPHYT notifications:  February 2015.

EUROPHYT – EU notification and rapid alert system dealing with interceptions for plant health reasons of consignments of plants and plant products imported into the EU (and Switzerland) or being traded within the EU itself.


  • Non-EU trade alert list (based on EUROPHYT interceptions) – Reporting period: 1 March 2014 – 28 February 2015

The non-EU trade alert list – is a tool developed by the European Commission which provides an overview of particular trades (commodity/exporting country combinations) into the EU that are intercepted most frequently due to harmful organisms. The alert list is based on EUROPHYT interceptions by EU Member States and Switzerland and notified in the EUROPHYT database during the previous 12 months. The list is intended to draw the attention of the relevant plant health authorities and other stakeholders to certain trades, for which the EU Member States have identified frequent phytosanitary risks – as a first step in having these risks addressed.
The detailed criteria used by the European Commission for listing of countries, commodities and harmful organisms can be found here:

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