Update on the EXPO Milano, Italy 2015 preparations

The preparatory meetings on how Kenya will participate in the EXPO Milano Italy are going on at the Export Promotion Council and also at the Ministry of East African Affairs Commerce and Tourism.  The event is a major world exposition will run for six months from 1st of May to 31st October 2015.

The theme of the expo is “feeding the planet, energy for life” which embraces technology, innovation, culture, traditions, creativity and how they relate with food and diet. Based on the global theme, Kenya has developed her national theme “Kenya: the land of unlimited possibilities”.

Kenya will be at the expo for the six months and each month will have a theme to showcase Kenya’s trade, investment, and tourism opportunities to the world, demonstrate Kenya’s experience in the development of sustainable livelihoods, food security and environmental conservation and also use this platform to attract appropriate investors to prioritized projects under the Kenya Vision 2030.

Kenya will have chance to display its economic potential and opportunities to the world as below:

  1. May: Trade and Exports of Kenya’s iconic export products
  2. June: Promotion of Kenya as a top tourism destination
  3. July: Art, sports and Culture of Kenya including its people’s history and their way of life.
  4. August: Investment month to showcase Kenya’s investment opportunities,
  5. September: Agriculture and Kenya Week which will be the climax month for Kenya’s participation at the Expo 2015.  Products like cut flowers will be exhibited during the month. Other areas will include trade, Kenya national day, tourism and investment forum, Mini marathon, culture troupe.  The Kenya National Day will be celebrated on September 8, 2015 and the Head of state is expected to be the chief guest.
  6. October: Follow ups by the business community on Trade, Tourism and Investment opportunities.

The expo will help Kenya to improve market diversification and consolidation of its export to Italy and South Europe and see to enhance the presence of products like cut flowers. We will keep you update on the progress.

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