Integrated Water Resource Allocation Programme (IWRAP) workshop

The Kenya Flower Council held a workshop in Naivasha on Tuesday April 21, 2015 to discuss and review the finding of the pilot audits on the Water Stewardship Standard conducted in 15 farms around Lake Naivasha basin between July 2014 and April 2015. The Water Stewardship Standard was developed under the Integrated Water Resource Allocation Programme (IWRAP) in which KFC is an implementing partner. The objective is to increase sustainable production and good stewardship in Lake Naivasha Basin through development and adoption of a watershed standards and certification protocols

This watershed standard has been designed to mirror similar internationally recognized standards such as the Australian Watershed standard (AWS).

It is a fact that the current water resource experiences pressure from growing populations, global climate change and changing lifestyles. To handle these challenges the world requires an international approach on water use which can be applied consistently across all regions and sectors. This water shed standard thus, has good models to copy from like the Alliance for water stewardship a pacific institute initiative. The Australian water stewardship standard has also been studied carefully.

It was agreed that a follow up meeting needs to be conducted among all stakeholders including KFC members and non members, the relevant authorities around Lake Naivasha, KWS, regulatory authorities (WRMA) as well as the WRUAs to further discuss the findings and the way forward.

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