Efforts to Produce a Policy on Devolution Underway

The Kenya Flower Council attended a workshop on Draft Devolution Policy held at the Kenya School of Government on 4th June, 2015.  The workshop was facilitated by the Ministry of Devolution and Planning.  The objective of the workshop was to determine how the policy will enhance the decentralization of state organs, their functions and services; promote the provision of efficient and effective public service deliver and strengthen intergovernmental relations among others.

The pertinent Industry issues that we suggested to be included and highlighted in the policy included facilitation of free flow of goods and services across counties and the need for County legislations to be drawn from the National Legislation to avoid conflict of laws.

It was suggested that Counties be guided by the National government in terms of policy making which is a function of the National Government according t o the Fourth Schedule.  It was noted that without this the Counties were drawing up their own legislations that are not conducive to business.  It was noted that Counties should engender certainty for businesses and this should be emphasized in the Policy if Kenya’s products are to be competitive at local and International markets.

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