September 2010 Issue 2

The KFC 14th certification (3rd Quarter 2010)

The certification committee met on 8th September 2010 for the 3rd quarter of the year to certify growers who had undergone through certification and re-certification auditing.

The certification committee noted that the number of non-conformities raised during re-certification audits had reduced drastically. This was attributed to the growers’ recognition and commitment to implementation of the KFC code of practice.

A total of 17 farms were presented to the certification committee for the rigorous process of evaluation.  All the presented farms successfully passed the certification process having implemented the areas of improvement noted during re-certification audits and follow-up activities.

Groove Limited was being presented for the first time. The certification committee was impressed that a small-holder farmer, 3ha, met the KFC code of practice requirements within a year of joining KFC. Congratulations and very special commendations from KFC.

Florema Exemplary performance

Florema Kenya Limited is a flower farm located along Naivasha Moi South Lake Road producing begonia cuttings. The farm operates on a 1.4 ha area under greenhouses with a workforce of about 109 workers under the good management of Mr. Ron Baars the General Manager.

Florema (K) Ltd was outstanding in having the least number of areas of improvement; 2 non-conformities and 6 observations. The certification committee said the two non-conformities raised were minor in relation to product quality and safety. They observed that this was exemplary performance that required complimentary gestures to serve as an example to others.

It was also observed that the farm uses best Good Agricultural Practices that include barely no use of pesticides while the spray team exposure limit sometimes fall below 4 hours per month. This has been achieved due to pest and disease infestation preventive measures that the farm has employed. They have  a well stone-pitched drainage system to manage storm water.

The farm has created a good and safe working environment which is friendly and hygienic for the employees, houses its employees in hygienic houses and pays above all the proposed industry minimum wages. The farm provides free medical services to the employees and their family members and workers get free meals during 10 o’clock and lunch breaks.

The corporate social responsibilities of the farm also include contributing Kshs. 7,000.00 every month to Maua Primary School to pay teachers’ salaries. They have also contributed Kshs. 10,000.00 to a nearby group to support orphans and vulnerable girl child. The farm runs a Day Care that also has a pre-school nursery and provides free milk to the children.

In addition, the farm is annually supplying mosquito nets to its employees and a laundry is in place for cleaning Protective gears (PPE) (other than the spray suits) and PPE are washed twice in a week.

Groove Ltd. Certified for the first time

Groove limited a Kenya Flower Council member has qualified for the KFC Silver certificate for the first time. The farm started five years ago is located along the Moi North Lake Road at Naivasha where they grow roses. The farm is under the good management of the Managing Director, Mr. Peter M. Low with two managers, John Ngoni and Geofrey Avuko.

The rose farm is in a place surrounded by the natural environment. Indigenous trees and shrubs is the dominant factor at the farm premises with all facilities physically intermingling with nature. The company has used natural stones harvested from the farm to create hedges and walls. They have a special conscious of the natural environment.

Groove Ltd. has a total of 81 employees of whom 29 are men and 52 are women. Two of the employees are housed at the farm and the rest lives within a walking distance from the farm.

The initial audit, pre-audit by the Kenya Flower council was done on 2nd March 2010. The Certification audit was done on 2nd and 3rd august 2010 followed by a follow-up audit on 1st September 2010.

The farm social responsibility towards its employees is demonstrated by its commitment to provide house allowance, maternity leave to its female employees, annual leave to all its employees, medical  at a nearby dispensary, and payment for referral expenses to Green park; a private hospital near the Great Rift Valley Lodge.  A makeshift canteen is in place which provides free meals to all the company employees.

The company has a borehole where they draw their water for use. They have embraced technology by use of drip irrigation. They also have water reservoir constructed to store water required to meet their requirements. 

Fair Flowers Fair Plants registers 16 Italian growers with new Fiore

Giusto certification


16 Italian flower producers are ready to show the world that they have made their choice for sustainable production. The 16 growers from western Liguria are the first to be certified with the new ‘Fiore Giusto’ scheme and – since Fair Flowers Fair Plants accepted this scheme in 2009 – the first to be registered as new participants in the Fair Flowers Fair Plants programme. Other Italian flower producers will follow soon: 25 more producers are awaiting their audits for certification in the next weeks to come.

The first 16 flower growers with the ‘Fiore Giusto’ certification have been approved according to the social and environmental standards of the ‘Fiore Giusto’ program. The association Fiore Giusto was developed by the Italian NGO’ss and producing and trading companies in the floral sector, in order to offer producers the possibility to take part in the guaranteed sustainable world production of flowers and plants. The ‘Fiore Giusto’ certification scheme was accepted by the international foundation Fair Flowers Fair Plants after it had been benchmarked to the social and environmental standards that are the basis for the FFP program. The FFP program stimulates and supports the worldwide flower and plant production with respect for the environment and for the workers, according to the guidelines of the International Code of Conduct (ICC) and a high environmental standard for the production processes.

The 16 Italian producers can now start to supply within the FFP program conditionally. Their products will add on to the already existing varied offer in FFP flowers and plants. After the soon to be expected outcome of the evaluation of the environmental standard on the farms they will be rewarded with the fully accepted FFP status. Until then their conditional FFP acceptance allows them to offer their products under the ‘Fiore Giusto – FFP’ label, in Italy and abroad.

Fiore Giusto (Italian for ‘Fair Flower’) is the first certification scheme of this kind in Italy. It was born in 2007 after the initiative, taken by the Italian NGO Bottega Solidale – Movimento Fiori e Diritti in association with The Floral District of Western Liguria, the Italian workers’ unions CGIL, CISL, UIL and with UCFlor, the producer organization at the Sanremo Flower Market, joined immediately after by the National Association of Flower Exporters (ANCEF). The farms are inspected by the independent certification body RINA S.P.A., ensuring an overall impartial evaluation.

The first Italian ‘Fiore Giusto’ bouquets of the new season will be offered to the main local authorities to celebrate this memorable occasion, and the flowers will already be available in FFP shops all across Europe.

Idd Ul Fitr to Be Celebrated On Saturday 11th September 2010

The Government has gazzeted Saturday, September 11th, 2010 as a public holiday to celebrate Idd UI Fitr. According to Dr. Alfred N. Mutua, Government Spokesman, Friday and Monday will remain normal working days.

The Kenya Flower Council takes this opportunity to wish you all  IDD MUBARAK!

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